Colombian footballer arrested by cops after being caught having sex in public before ‘lying and giving false name’


A COLOMBIAN footballer has been arrested for having sex in public and allegedly trying to bribe cops who caught him after giving them a false name.

Jhon Fredy Hurtado, who plays for Quiche FC in Guatemala’s top flight, was reportedly arrested in the city of Santa Cruz del Quiche.

Colombian Jhon Fredy Hurtado has been arrested after being caught having sex in public
Colombian Jhon Fredy Hurtado has been arrested after being caught having sex in public
Golders/Jhon Fredy Hurtado

Local media claim police found him having sex in his parked car and arrested him for “obscene exhibitions”.

The report adds that cops claim Hurtado, 33, told them he was called Guillermo ‘El Pando’ Ramirez Garcia, a former footballer.

Both Hurtado and the woman, named as Rocio Adely Giron, are then said to have offered a bribe of £10 and a mobile phone to let them go.

Police say they rejected the handout and Hurtado has been charged with attempting to bribe an officer.

A police report reads: “In the moment they were caught, the gentleman who said he was called ‘Pando’ Ramirez was found on top of Rocio Adely Giron (both without clothes) and both were asked if they would be kind enough to get changed, after which the motive for the arrest was made known.”

Quiche FC have moved to distance themselves from the scandal, saying in a statement: “The player did it in his free time, which is why the club exempts itself of any legal or penal responsibility that the player has.”

The club’s board are set to meet to decide what action to take.

Hurtado will also be hauled in for talks so he can “present his defence”.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the player will be sacked.

Guillermo El Pando Ramirez was a Guatemalan player who was suspended for life from any football-related activities due to his participation in money laundering and fixing games.


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