Coleen Rooney demands Wayne goes to rehab for his boozing as she’s spotted shopping without her wedding ring


COLEEN Rooney has ordered husband Wayne into rehab for a second time in a desperate attempt to save their marriage.

The Sun can reveal she told the ex-England star he needs further help to control his excessive boozing after his latest episode with a barmaid.

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Coleen is armed with Valentine’s Day balloons but no wedding band as she leaves the shops[/caption]

Coleen’s mum has flown out to the US to support her “lonely” daughter and talk sense into Wayne, who has yet to apologise for a 10-hour bender last weekend.

According to a close pal of the couple, Coleen is increasingly unhappy with “man child” Wayne, who reportedly sought help for boozing after Euro 2016.

The friend said: “Wayne has been here before. In 2016 after England’s humiliating Euros exit to Iceland, he sought help from a professional counsellor for regular sessions to help him overcome his problems.

“He boozes because of ongoing issues he’s been dealing with his whole adult life.


Wayne Rooney has his mugshot taken by cops after being arrested in Washington DC in December[/caption]

“And Coleen feels Wayne needs to receive more treatment to prevent the threat of complete self-destruction — and salvage their marriage.”

Coleen, 32, was yesterday pictured in Washington minus her £200,000 wedding ring.

She had four Valentine’s Day balloons for each of her sons — but no inflatable for the ex-Three Lions skipper, 33, who stayed in their car.

Friends say Coleen has become isloated and bored since her family relocated to the States following Wayne’s move to DC United.

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Wayne and Coleen were happy to be snapped enjoying some family time last month[/caption]

He is said to regularly spend evenings alone playing computer games and knocking back beer, red wine and his favourite tipple, Prosecco.

The Sun on Sunday revealed last weekend that he partied with barmaid Vicki Rosiek during a 10-hour pre-season bender in Florida.

Insiders say she is incensed by his “lack of remorse” over the incident.

It came after his arrest for public intoxication at a Washington airport just before Christmas.

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Wayne partied with barmaid Vicki Rosiek during a 10-hour pre-season bender in Florida[/caption]

Another source said: “Wayne is still in the doghouse. This latest episode has been deeply humiliating for Coleen.

“It has just been one thing after another for Coleen to take recently. Not wearing her wedding ring sends a clear message to her husband.”

On Tuesday Coleen’s mother and closest confidante, Colette, 55, flew out to the family’s new £3million rented home in Bethesda, Maryland.

Sources say it is a sign the in-laws have started to turn on Wayne for the first time in the couple’s 11-year marriage.

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Could steely-eyed Coleen have bought four balloons for her boys and none for Wayne?[/caption]

A close pal said: “Coleen’s mum Colette flew out to Washington on Tuesday because her daughter has hit such a low.

“Coleen is desperately unhappy with Wayne and if it wasn’t for the kids, she would have walked years ago.

“She gambled on Washington being a fresh start for them but it’s only pushed her away from the people who kept her together when Wayne was up to no good.”

Before the move, Coleen had appeared optimistic, saying: “I don’t think it will affect us as a family. As long as you are all together, we can take on anything.”

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Its hard to tell whether Coleen is smiling or grimacing as she rejoins Wayne at the car[/caption]

She tapped the Beckhams’ marketing team for advice after they helped the couple fit into life in LA.

However Washington is regarded as a stuffier and less family-friendly city than LA, and Coleen has found it hard to adjust.

When she is not ferrying around sons Kai, nine, Klay, five, and Kit, three, to their British school, she is left at home with Cass, 11 months.

At weekends and in the holidays, they are seen at the local Westfield shopping centre – and they go bowling and to the cinema.


Wayne doing what he does best – scoring goals and enjoying the adulation of the DC United fans[/caption]

But Wayne is rarely at home and, in the next few weeks, will fly to New York, Chicago and Atlanta to play in the new season.

Meanwhile, Coleen is left alone with no close pals nearby. The friend added: “Coleen has struggled to put down roots.

“Washington isn’t the friendliest city and, while the kids have friends in school, Coleen hasn’t become close with them.

“And she doesn’t have dealings with the other Wags. She doesn’t even follow them on Instagram, there are no false niceties. Those relationships just don’t exist.”

Coleen has been a regular face at Soul Cycle gym, working out alone before going home for the kids — which increasingly includes Wayne.

The friend added: “Wayne has reverted into a moody teenager.

“He plays videogames into the early hours, knocking back beers and sitting in silence. Coleen is lucky if she gets a grunt out of him.

“Now she’s stopped trying to get him to talk and goes to bed alone. He is a man child and she’s getting to the end of her tether.”

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Wayne and Coleen are all smiles as they enjoy a few drinks on a night out[/caption]

The friend went on: “Coleen is the backbone of the family and has held everything together for the sake of their children.

“Her strength is incredible. But there is only so much she can do.”

Coleen is now believed to be preparing to jet off on holiday without Wayne.

Meanwhile, her husband is set to return to Clearwater Beach in Florida – the scene of his latest indiscretion – for a training camp with DC United.

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Wayne reportedly sought help for his booze problem, suffering after England’s humiliating Euro 2016 exit[/caption]

The Sun On Sunday snapped him chatting to bartender Vicki, 32, before hopping in her sports car alone and heading to The Shipwreck pub.

There they downed shots and partied with locals until 2.30am.

Wayne is said to have assured Coleen that nothing happened between them.

She previously removed her wedding ring in 2017 after he was caught drink driving in another woman’s VW Beetle.

Wayne, previously caught bedding hookers, was later forgiven by his wife.

She later explained: “It didn’t feel right wearing my ring, I see it as a sign of commitment and I was unsure what was happening.” She added: “I thought my marriage might have been at an end.”

A representive for Wayne declined to comment last night.

Additonal reporting by Richard Moriarty


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