Cleaning-mad mum uses fabric softener to get ‘old, dirty radiator’ looking ‘shiny and new’ in MINUTES


WHEN it comes to our daily list of household chores, giving the radiator a quick once over with a cloth is one we’re all guilty of forgetting. Right?

Well you can forget all about covering up unsightly wears and tears with a coat of paint because one mum has revealed that a bog standard fabric softener got her radiator looking shiny and new in no time.


The mum posted a photo of her radiator before she cleaned it with fabric softener[/caption]

Posting impressive before-and-after photos on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the cleaning-mad woman could hardly believe how well the household product worked on her filthy radiator.

Taking note from Mrs Hinch – who also uses the unlikely product to clean doorframes – the mum started by mixing fabric softener in a bowl with warm water.

She then sprayed the solution onto her radiator, wiped down the area with a cloth and watched the stains disappear in minutes.

Understandably blown away with the results, the mum wrote: “Used fabric softener on an old dirty radiator.


After mixing the fabric softener with warm water, the mum then sprayed the solution onto her radiator and watched the stains lift in minutes[/caption]


“It smells delicious and looks so shiny and new. Can’t believe stuff like this works!”

That’s right, not only does this super easy trick work wonders at cleaning around the home but it’ll make your house smell pretty delightful in the process.

Unsurprisingly, other members were similarly impressed with the instant results.

Cleaning-mad followers have followed Mrs Hinch’s advice and are using fabric softener to clean around their homes
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One replied: “Fabric softener – I MUST try this.”

Another wrote: “I didn’t know this hack! Off to try it right now.”

Meanwhile, a third was full of praise for the household product which is gentle enough to effectively clean “doors, skirting boards and walls” without damaging paint.

*Adds fabric softener to shopping list immediately*

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