Cleaners copy Kendall Jenner’s naked pose and strip down to rubber gloves


WHO’D have believed Marigolds could ever be a sexy fashion accessory – certainly not these four women.

They are professional cleaners whose yellow rubber gloves are essential equipment when it comes to mopping up messes.

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Yet seeing leading model Kendall Jenner, 23, posing in Vogue Italia wearing nothing but the gloves, knee-high tights and white heels has made them see their tools of the trade in a far more empowering light.

JENNY FRANCIS got our fearless four to strike a similar pose, to see if they too can rock a yellow rubber glove…

‘I know I’m no supermodel but I’m proud of this pose’

CARAVAN park cleaner Bonnie Stainer, 34, from Saunton, North Devon, found posing as Kendall empowering after losing 8st. She has a daughter Paisley, four, and son Recco, three.

David Cummings – The Sun

Caravan park cleaner Bonnie Stainer, 34, is proud of her sexy pose[/caption]

She says: “I clean up after tourists when they go home. I’m a single mum and the work fits around the kids’ school schedule, so I’ve been doing it for three years.

“I like the job but people see you carrying your bucket, wearing a uniform and yellow gloves and they do look down on you a bit.

“Unlike Kendall, who has cameras everywhere she goes, no one gives me a second look. Until now.

“I wanted to recreate her picture to show what a woman, who wears these gloves every day to do hard graft, looks like.

David Cummings – The Sun

Mum-of-two Bonnie, 34, recently lost eight stone and proudly got her kit off for our shoot[/caption]

“My Marigolds have helped me clean up some disgusting messes left by tourists. Muddied sheets, sinks full of unwashed dishes, dirty showers and toilets – they are hardly something I’d associate with Vogue magazine.

“My yellow gloves are my life-savers so I actually feel quite empowered to pose in them.

“I used to be a size 24 and weighed around 18st. After having my children I lost 8st in three years through healthy eating and ­exercise. I know I’m no supermodel but I do feel sexy and proud in this pose.”

‘No matter what your size you can look good naked’

SUNDERLAND lass Michelle Bell is a kennel cleaner and dog groomer. The 22-year-old, a size 18, hopes that stripping off like Kendall will celebrate sexiness, whatever your size.

David Cummings – The Sun

22-year-old Michelle says she sees her gloves as a sign of female empowerment[/caption]

She says: “When I saw Kendall’s picture I thought it looked like any other high-fashion picture. But when I looked closer and realised she was in Marigolds I was thrilled.

“I showed my friends and said, ‘I told you I’m ahead of the trend’. Then the next thing I know I’m recreating the picture for myself.

“I’m a kennel cleaner and dog groomer. From tiny chihuahuas to dobermans, I wash and clean them all, along with their kennels. It’s tough work but I love it.

“Every day I’m covered in detergent, disinfectant, dog hair and sometimes dog poo, but my ­yellow gloves save the day.

David Cummings – The Sun

Dog groomer Michelle will usually be seen cleaning moggies with her rubber gloves[/caption]

“I usually associate my Marigolds with dirt, but since recreating Kendall’s pose I see them as more about female empowerment in the sexiest way possible.

“I’m proud to represent plus-size women too, although balancing on heels, keeping my boobs in place and making the right ­expression isn’t as easy as it looks.

“I hope my recreation of her ­picture shows that all women – no matter what size they are – can look good naked.”

‘I couldn’t wait to recreate this incredibly sexy picture’

HOUSEKEEPER Emily Kuipers, 33, from Hampstead, North West London, says she thinks Kendall has made rubber gloves the new sexiest accessory for the bedroom.

David Cummings – The Sun

Emily, 33, normally transforms homes, but has completely transformed herself in this snap[/caption]

She says: “I’ve been cleaning for my ­current household for a year and a half now, and cleaning for other homes for years.

“I’ve never seen cleaning as an unglamorous job, mainly because I’m the one who comes in and makes everything look better.

“I used to be obsessive about cleaning and tidying. I once woke at 3am and got up to tidy around.

“I like things to be spotless and enjoy transforming a room.

“When I saw the Kendall picture I laughed at first. Rubber gloves have never struck me as sexy.

David Cummings – The Sun

Emily initially thought Jenner’s shoot was a joke, but now she thinks the rubber glove look is sexy[/caption]

“But this picture is incredibly sexy – it shows a confident woman taking control, waiting for her partner to follow her to the bedroom.

“I couldn’t wait to re-create it. I went through a party-girl stage in my twenties – out every night and I lost a lot of weight. I was only 8st.

“When I left it all behind I shot up to 12.5st. It’s only in the last few years that I found a healthy balance and I’m confident in my body.

“I don’t look at my picture and love what I see, but I don’t hate it either. It’s something I will learn to be proud of.”

‘Stripping off was scary, the gloves were my armour’

HOUSE cleaner and former ­nursing-home cleaner Vanessa Hilder, 47, is a mum of one from Watford. She is proud of being a size 12 at her age.

David Cummings – The Sun

Vanessa, 47, looks fan-tatts-ic in little more than gloves and ink[/caption]

She says: “When I first saw Kendall’s picture I couldn’t help but think how amazing she’d made a pair of rubber gloves look.

“I’d never associated Marigolds with supermodels before – they’re something I wear to clean toilets.

“It just goes to show that if you have the guts and glamour to wear it, you can turn anything into a fashion item. The rubber gloves actually make her look elegant.

“I showed the picture to my 18-year-old daughter and my fiancé Matt, and they both told me to go for it.

David Cummings – The Sun

Vanessa says she’s only used her rubber gloves to clean toilets before[/caption]

“I used to clean an old people’s home, now I clean houses. It’s a challenging job but I credit it with keeping me in shape later in life.

“I’m the oldest of the women recreating this pose and that makes me so proud.

“It was scary taking off my kit, but weirdly the gloves gave me confidence – they’re my armour.

“When I saw the picture of myself naked, the first thing I said was, “I don’t actually look that bad”.

“I left feeling like a teenager again and eager to get home and show my fiancé my new cleaning pose.”

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