Christian school assistant, 43, is sacked after protesting against transgender issues being taught in son’s primary


A CHRISTIAN school assistant has been sacked after she protested against transgender issues being taught at her own son’s primary.

Kristie Higgs, 43, vented her frustration on Facebook about the use of two kids’ books – which could prompt discussions about sexual orientation – at her son’s Church of England primary.

School assistant Kristie Higgs, 43, objected to books such as Red: A Crayon's Story being caught in primary schools
School assistant Kristie Higgs, 43, objected to books such as Red: A Crayon’s Story being caught in primary schools

The mum-of-two wrote on Facebook: “They are brainwashing our children! We say again, this is a vicious form of totalitarianism aimed at suppressing Christianity.”

After one email complaint about her post, Mrs Higgs was fired from her role as a pastoral assistant at Farmor’s School, in Fairford, Gloucestershire.

A disciplinary panel found she was guilty of gross misconduct for using language which demeaned its gay, lesbian and transgender pupils.

It was decided that there was “potential” for the school’s reputation to be harmed after Mrs Higgs’ post attracted a complaint.

The row erupted after Mrs Higgs took to Facebook to share an article that criticised two books about a boy who wants to wear a dress and a red crayon that discovers it is really blue.

“This is happening in our primary schools now,” she captioned the Facebook link to the post about ‘Jacob’s New Dress’ and ‘Red: A Crayon’s Story’.

In the article that she shared, author JudyBeth Wagoner stated that “far-left zealots have hijacked the learning environment”.

“Liberal school systems are busy indoctrinating their children,” Wagoner wrote.

“Kindergarten and first grade children are being primed for a gender fluid society.

“Of course, the schools are introducing the propaganda in the name of anti-bullying campaigns, but we know better.

“They are busy recruiting children for the transgender roster.

“Their agenda is not about bullying. They are using our children to promote their gender free society of madness.”

In contrast, the authors of the books have said the stories are about being true to your inner self and following your own path despite obstacles that may come your way.

Mrs Higgs told the Daily Mail she believes she was fired because of her Christian beliefs.

She is planning on taking her case to an employment tribunal.

The Christian Legal Centre, which is backing Mrs Higgs’ case said: “This is all about the freedom of a Christian to hold biblical views.”



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