Chris Kamara says racism in football is a virus and a disease returning to the game


CHRIS KAMARA believes racism in football is a “virus” and a “disease” returning to the game.

The former player was at Brentford as a Sky pundit on Saturday where Derby’s Duane Holmes was racially abused — one of FIVE racist incidents on a shameful weekend for the sport.

Chris Kamara is worried about the spate of racist incidents occurring in football
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A Bees fan was arrested at Griffin Park and Kamara revealed his shock and disappointment that racism is back after experiencing it during his playing days in the 1980s.

Kamara told Sky Sports: “I was totally shocked.

“I was in the gantry behind Derby manager Frank Lampard and, at a certain point in the game, Frank turned around and was pointing to a fan in the crowd.

“I looked down from the gantry to see what was going on but didn’t really think too much of it. I presumed that someone had said something to Frank.

“When I did the interview after the game, I just asked him, ‘Has something gone on?’ — and then he came out with what had happened. If it’s proven, of course it’s totally unacceptable.

“Brentford have already come out and said they will deal with it.

“With away supporters in the 1980s, that was just the way it was, and we’ve come through a lot. But this virus or disease that is starting to come back is totally unacceptable.”

“This virus or disease that is starting to come back is totally unacceptable”

Chris Kamara

Holmes, 24, was the subject of monkey chants from a Brentford season-ticket holder when he was subbed in the 74th minute at Griffin Park.

Derby reported the incident and Brentford are liaising with police.

There was a second case of racism in the Championship, with WIGAN left “angered” by an abusive message sent to defender Nathan Byrne on Twitter after the 2-2 draw with BRISTOL CITY.

Byrne was branded a “black filthy b******” and “slave c***” on Twitter.

Wigan reported the attack to Greater Manchester Police as a hate crime, which the club called “abhorrent”.

In the Premier League, CRYSTAL  PALACE ace Wilfried Zaha was labelled a “diving monkey” by a troll on social media after winning a penalty in the club’s 1-0 win at NEWCASTLE.


CHARLTON’S Lyle Taylor responded to another abusive attack on social media after he scored in the win at PLYMOUTH.

User ‘Teamargyle’ posted: “What an absolute c***.

“All for the kick it out campaign raising awareness to stop racism but when this shot [sic] happens, you can definitely tell why it happens (Btw we didn’t chant anything racist towards him or anything racist at all) but some clubs do and I can understand why when you come across a self-centred t*** like this c***.”

Taylor replied: “Condoning racism because you lost a game of football? Wow, there are some really thick people in this world. What a shambles of a person you must be.”

Twitter claimed yesterday they will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards footballers.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “While we welcome people to express themselves on Twitter, we do not tolerate behaviour that crosses the line into abuse, hateful conduct or harassment.  Abuse and harassment — no matter who the victim — have no place on Twitter.

“Our team uses proprietary-built internal technology to proactively find abusive content and provides users with a report they can email to the police.”

“Racism has crept back in a little bit, which is not great.”

Andros Townsend

In League Two, NORTHAMPTON’S Timi Elsnik revealed several team-mates were racially abused outside their hotel in Nottingham.

ANDROS TOWNSEND is concerned by the rise of racism in football — and urged more players to speak out to “force action”.

England’s Danny Rose said last week he “can’t wait to see the back of football” because of the abuse and the way authorities have dealt with it.

And Townsend, 27, whose dad, Troy, works for equality campaign group Kick It Out, said: “Racism has crept back in a little bit, which is not great.

“I don’t know why it’s going on but, hopefully, the relevant organisations will do their best to stamp it out.

“Danny’s a very brave man for  coming out and being so honest. And we need more players like him to say what they really feel because that will force action.

“Luckily, so far I haven’t experienced racism, but I know Danny has on more than one occasion. Hopefully, the system can help Danny and he can enjoy his football again.”

Derby County’s Duane Holmes was allegedly the subject of racist abuse at Brentford
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