Chloe Ferry Attacked By Cruel Trolls Who Have Mocked Her ‘wonky’ Boobs After Second Op


CHLOE Ferry has been attacked by cruel trolls who mocked her ‘wonky’ boobs following her second operation.

The Geordie Shore star had a boob job at the end of last month, following on from an uplift op last year.

Chloe Ferry/Instagram Chloe Ferry has been trolled for her ‘wonky’ boobs after posting this picture on Instagram

Chloe, 22, has wasted no time in showing off the results of her latest plastic surgery, but her most recent picture on Instagram was targeted by nasty trolls.

In the snap, Chloe can be seen posing on her balcony in a white cherry print tube skirt and matching boob tube.

The ensemble revealed the bandages still over Chloe’s breasts, and the haters quickly took aim, saying one boob looked bigger than the other.

One wrote: “Your boobs are different shape and your have wierd patches on them?” while another simply posted: “wonky t**s”.

Instagram Chloe went under the knife at the end of April

Instagram The Geordie Shore star had a boob job following an uplift last year

A third was equally as harsh, adding: “When surgery goes wrong” while another wrote: “the boobs are wonky.”

Chloe also came under fire from another follower, who meanly wrote: “I’m sorry but shes actually a joke, like honestly got scared when I saw this.”

Another added: “Just me or is the left boob not sitting right”.

However Chloe had many fans on hand to defend her from the nasty comments, and told her she looked “beautiful”, “fit” and “gorgeous”.

Instagram Chloe also had a nose job at the same time as getting her boobs done Chloe Ferry reveals she is having a second boob job after being left with unsightly scars from first op

One wrote: “You look beautiful and don’t let anyone else say different.”

Another was incensed by the hateful comments, writing: “As much as I don’t think she needed to have it done , after reading the comments this is precisely why the poor girl had it done !!!

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