Chinese and Iranian hackers increase cyber attacks on US


Chinese and Iranian hackers have been aggressively targeting US businesses and government agencies because of Donald Trump’s ongoing conflicts with the two countries, the New York Times has reported.

According to the newspaper, dozens of US banks, businesses and government offices have been hit amid a marked increase in cyber attacks. 

Security experts reportedly believe the US president’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and his trade war with China are behind the escalation.

It follows a report by US intelligence chiefs last month, which warned that China, Iran, North Korea and Russia, the country’s main cyber adversaries, “increasingly use cyber operations to threaten both minds and machines in an expanding number of ways – to steal information, to influence our citizens, or to disrupt critical infrastructure.”

The report said Iranian-backed hackers are targeting federal government agencies and their officials, mainly “to gain intelligence and position themselves for future cyber operations.”


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