China ‘has CLONED its top police dog’ and wants to mass-produce the ‘Sherlock Holmes of doggy detectives’


SICK Chinese scientists have cloned what they call the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” in a bid to mass-produce the crime-fighting canine.

Experts behind the monstrous experiments say they hope to cut training times and costs for China’s police dogs.

The cloned puppy, named Kunxun (pictured), is three months old

They took DNA from a seven-year-old female sniffer dog named Huahuangma – who has won a series of awards for helping to crack multiple cases.

Huahuangma’s genes were then used to create a puppy named Kunxun.

The young mut is China’s first cloned police dog, and is settling in well to her new environment, according to project analyst Wan Jiusheng.

“She is friendly to humans, sociable and alert,” he told Science and Technology Daily.


A scientist works with DNA samples at the Sinogene lab in Beijing, where Kunxun was created[/caption]

Kunxun was born in December and has already shown she is not afraid of the dark, and has a heightened sense of smell – skills that could help make her a top police dog.

It was created by scientists at the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company and the Yunnan Agricultural University.

Sinogene is hoping to make it possible to achieve “volume production” of cloned police dogs, according to state media.

Cloning top police dogs will significantly reduce training times, Zhao Jianping, who heads up Sinogene, told the state-run Global Times.

He added that cloning costs remain a major obstacle.

Kunxun, now three months old, will undergo extensive training in drug detection, crowd control and searching for evidence.

The mut will become a fully fledged police dog when it is about 10 months old, the official China Daily said.

Training usually takes about five years and costs as much as £60,000, with no guarantee of success.

Sinogene beagle
Sinogene specialises in pet cloning, and made headlines last year by successfully cloning a gene-edited Beagle (pictured)

Experts did not reveal how much a cloned dog would cost.

In the United States, you can clone your pet dog for a fee of around £40,000.

South Korean scientists created the world’s first cloned dog in 2005.

Two years later the country began employing cloned Labrador retrievers to sniff out drugs for the customs service, China Daily said.

China has already created “monstrous” monkey clones that are gene-edited with diseases.

A scientist who created “mutant gene-edited babies” was fired in January for his sick experiments.

We reported last month that executed prisoners’ organs are being used in “barbaric” experiments by Chinese scientists.

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