China backlash: Beijing ready to ‘PUNISH’ Boris Johnson and inflict maximum ‘PAIN’ on UK

According to professor Steve Tsang, from the School of Oriental and African Studies, following the Government’s decision to remove Huawei kit from 5G network, Beijing will now issue a stern response to the Britain. UK-Sino relations have been rocked over the last few weeks due to the decision, the allegations of mismanagement over the coronavirus and criticism over the new security law in Hong Kong. With the Huawei decision now confirmed, Mr Tsang stated there a range of options Beijing may implement in response.

He told “The Chinese government held off retaliating until the decision was made on Huawei.

“Now it has been decided, they will punish us both over the BNO proposal and Huawei.

“Potentially they can stop Huawei supplying us with any 5G components or spare parts for the 3 and 4G networks.

“They can pressure British companies in China or indeed Hong Kong.

“They could detain British citizens.

“They could restrict collaborations with British institutions.

“It will depend on who it deems to be expendable to them and what can exert pain on us.”

After mounting pressure from the US, the UK Government announced the removal of all Huawei kit from the 5G network by the end of 2027.

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Foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying who said: “The UK side has used groundless risks as an excuse to co-operate with the United States, violating the relevant commitments made by the UK.

“Any decisions and actions must come at a cost.”

The rhetoric pointed towards the UK has only been intensified following Mr Johnson’s decision to offer Hong Kong nationals the right to citizenship.

Announced earlier this month, the proposal would offer 350,000 UK passport holders the right to stay in the UK for five years.

There are also an estimated 2.6 million others who are eligible to apply.

Mr Johnson made this offer amid criticism of the security law in the country which UK officials state violated the 1997 UK-Sino agreement.

The agreement stated China must uphold certain democratic rights in return for Hong Kong.

Crucially under the new law, any foreign interference, subversion or public damage may be deemed as terrorism.

Mr Johnson said: “It violates Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and threatens the freedoms and rights protected by the joint declaration.

“We made clear that if China continued down this path we would introduce a new route for those with British National Overseas status to enter the UK, granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the UK and thereafter to apply for citizenship.

“And that is precisely what we will do now.”


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