Chilling Slender Man stabbing crime scene photos show 12-year-old victim’s blood-soaked clothes and weapon used in horror attack


THESE chilling crime scene photos from the Slender Man stabbing show the 12-year-old victim’s blood-soaked clothes and the steak knife which was used in the horror attack.

Payton Leutner was invited to a sleepover by Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12, who lured her into the woods in Wisconsin, US, where they repeatedly knifed her.

Grisly crime scene pictures show the Slender Man stabbing victim’s blood soaked clothes
Waukesha Police Department

She survived the attack and managed to crawl out of the woods where she was found by a cyclist with stab wounds to her chest, abdomen and arms.

The schoolgirls told cops they were trying to please a fictional demon called “Slender Man” and are now serving a combined 65 years in a psychiatric hospital for the 2014 stabbing.

Waukesha Police Department have now released grisly evidence pictures from the scene of the stabbing – which missed the victim’s heart by just a fraction of an inch.

Payton’s once white shirt printed with a heart and the words “Love, Hope, Smile, Beautiful, Dream”, is seen covered in holes from some of the 19 stab wounds and dried blood.

Morgan Geyser, pictured shortly after the attack, can be seen covered in blood on her coat
Waukesha Police Department
Police have decided to release these gruesome evidence images for the first time, pictured is the victim’s blood covered yellow jeans
Waukesha Police Department
The steak knife the 12-year-old girls used to stab their pal, who they had lured into the woods
Waukesha Police Department
One of Payton Leutner’s sandals is seen smudged in blood after being discarded in the woods where she was stabbed
Waukesha Police Department


Payton Leutner miraculously survived the attack by crawling out of the woods and getting help from a passing cyclist[/caption]

The yellow jeans she was wearing at the time can also be seen soaked with blood stains.

Another photo shows the backpack the attackers brought into the woods, including the knife from Geyser’s home — alongside Kudos cereal bars and notebooks.

Blood-splattered trees are also pictured at the scene of the attack as well as one of the victim’s sandals, left discarded in the grass.

Geyser, who authorities said stabbed Payton, and Weier, who egged her on, were photographed at the police station with blood on their clothes.

Morgan Geyser was just 12 when she carried out the horror stabbing, claiming she did so to please ‘Slender Man’
Anissa Weier also admitted carrying out the brutal attack in 2014
The Slender Man, also known as Slenderman, was created as an internet meme through the Something Awful forums in 2009
One of the many puncture holes in her top after she was stabbed 19 times
Waukesha Police Department
The 12-year-old victim’s coat has at least one visible stab hole where blood has seeped through
Waukesha Police Department

Their victim is now a high school freshman and has been left with 25 scars across her body.

Her mother told ABC 12 in Wisconsin, her daughter’s wounds are “still red and angry more than three years later.

“Payton has a lifetime of healing ahead of her.”

The Slender Man, also known as Slenderman, was created as an internet meme through the Something Awful forums in 2009.

A mutilated Barbie doll belonging to Morgan Geyser, pictured amongst police evidence
Anissa Weier listens during her court trial in 2017
AP:Associated Press

Geyser and Weier told police they wanted to prove their loyalty to Slender Man and become his followers.

The two girls believed he was real and said they stabbed their classmate to protect their families from harm.

They said they believed the only way to become a follower of the character was to murder someone – after this, they claimed they thought they would be his servants and live in his mansion.


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