Chelsea outcast Drinkwater ‘filmed headbutting footballer’ in club brawl before being battered by six men


CHELSEA outcast Danny Drinkwater has been filmed appearing to headbutt a fellow footballer in a shocking nightclub brawl – shortly before being battered by six men.

The midfielder, 29, currently on loan at Burnley, was enjoying a night out in Manchester on August 31 when he appears to get in a heated scrap in the middle of the dance floor.

Danny Drinkwater appears to headbutt someone during a nightclub brawl
Danny Drinkwater headbutted someone before being beaten up by six men
Danny Drinkwater's might fall from grace culminated in a recent nightclub attack in Manchester
Danny Drinkwater was left with a bruised, swollen face after the attack

In the short video, Drinkwater – partying at the Chinawhite club – can be seen lunging at another man, as he throws his head straight into his rival’s skull.

Drinkwater was later mercilessly beaten by a group of thugs and sustained ankle ligament damaged and a bloodied face for attempted to bed a fellow footballer’s lover.

The former Leicester star is said to have tried to chat up the partner of Scunthorpe United’s South African ace Kgosi Ntlhe.

Drunken Drinkwater was overheard crowing: “I don’t care, mate, she’s coming home with me.”

After getting into a scrap in the club, Drinkwater was thrown out by security before a gang of up to six men attacked him with a blunt object.

A source said: “At one point he was curled up in a ball on the ground, as they repeatedly jumped up and down on his ankle and shouting, ‘Break his legs’.”

“They knew he was a Premier League star and it was his livelihood. There was blood everywhere, and it was all incredibly nasty.”

On-loan Blues star Drinkwater sustained ankle ligament damage and is thought to be out for at least a month.

He was also left with a black eye, severely swollen forehead, bruised shoulders and arms, and cut cheek.

Police were not called to the incident and the Three Lions ace did not report it.

There is no suggestion that South African-born defender Ntlhe, 25, was involved in the attack.


A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Danny had been celebrating a friend’s birthday and by his own admission got incredibly drunk.

“He knows he has let himself down big time. He was extremely drunk and to be honest doesn’t remember much of the incident. His mate had to fill him in the next day.

“Danny repeatedly tried to chat up a stunning girl in the club and wouldn’t leave her alone.

“He tried it on a few times before she told him to shut up by saying she was there with her boyfriend. He confronted Danny in the club, and punches were thrown.

“Both men were kicked out, and whilst Danny was outside things turned really ugly.

“Some other lads really started on him. After a series of verbal exchanges they knocked him to the ground.

“He was then hit with an object about the face and body. They were raining blows on him and jumping on his ankle.

“Danny is absolutely mortified now and realises he can no longer put himself in a position where these incidents happen, regardless of who is at fault.

“He had been focused on performing for Burnley and understands people will now question this.

“He is devastated. His injuries were significant. He looks a total mess.”

Drinkwater flew to Spain until the swelling around his face went down – realising the trouble he would be in if bosses worked out how he had suffered his injuries.

After the incident, a spokesman for Drinkwater said: “Danny accepts he put himself in a position where he can be criticised. He will take on the chin the criticism that comes his way.

Drinkwaters career in the top flight hangs by a thread after he was recently attacked outside a Manchester nightclub
Drinkwater is currently on loan at Burnley from Chelsea – but his future is in the balance

“He knows he cannot allow himself to be targeted, and has to take himself away from these situations.

“He will address the concerns of those at the club privately, and honestly.”

The Sun has attempted to contact Drinkwater’s representatives for comment.


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