Cheeky blokes reveal tricks to get out of household chores – and their wives aren’t impressed


WATCH out fellas – fed-up women are shaming their hapless husbands for deliberately doing chores badly.

These hilarious pictures reveal the ways cheeky men annoy their partners when helping around the house – with one bloke using a FAN to help with the washing up.


He aimed at the dishwasher after being told to dry the dishes by his long-suffering wife.

Another bloke chucked an entire pizza in the fridge – without putting it in a container or foil.

Ana a third was so overwhelmed by what to do with black-and-white socks, he just left them halfway between the light and dark laundry baskets.

Other men fared even worse – with one biting into a make-up sponge thinking it was a marshmallow, and another buying 19 hair clips when ordered to pick up one.

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