Cheat on ITV – six questions from episode two and what to expect tonight


WE are now halfway through ITV’s Cheat and last night’s episode dropped a whole load of new clues.

Here’s six unanswered questions that came up from the second episode of Cheat ahead of tonight’s penultimate act.

It all kicked off in episode two of ITV’s Cheat last night

1) How long has Rose been obsessed with Leah for?

At the beginning of the episode, we saw that Rose had taunted Leah about her cat Betsy (who Leah believes Rose killed) by leaving a single yellow rose on her desk with the message “sorry for you loss”.

Leah goes to confront her in her university dorm, but she’s not there so she walks into her bedroom which is open.

Leah then looks on her laptop and sees a profile of herself on there – Leah then gets captured on CCTV leaving the room.

We then discover that Rose is in a picture of Adam and Leah from three years ago – has she been stalking the two of them all this time?

Viewers were also shown that Rose has a locked box of stuff she has stolen from Leah – including a picture of Leah with her dad and also her engagement ring

Leah goes into Rose’s room to find out what’s going on in Cheat

2) What has made Leah hate her partner Adam so much?

It all kicks off when Adam and Leah attend an event and Rose is there waitressing.

Rose then flashes a diamond ring to Leah, which is similar to Leah’s engagement ring that she lost earlier at the gym.

She then chases after Rose and yanks the ring off her finger, only to discover it isn’t hers (we later find out Rose does have it).

While Leah yells at Rose, Adam takes her side.

This causes Adam and Leah to fight when they get home, with Leah actually slapping him.

With all this in mind it might be obvious why Leah isn’t too keen on Adam right now, but it seems that she HATES him.

This is proven further when she goes to the doctor the next day saying she is suffering from stress – there she reveals she wanted to “pour hot coffee over Adam as he slept”.

Leah looks concerned as she learns Rose has been looking her up online

3) Who is Auntie Pam and why does Rose hate her dad?

There is a scene where Rose is having lunch with her dad

Things are obviously strained between the two, with Rose hardly answering any of her dad’s questions.

The first thing she asks him, with a smirk, is: “How’s auntie Pam?”

To which her dad replies: “You’re a spiteful little girl aren’t you?”

He then reveals that Pam is in “a lot of pain”.

He then questions Rose about the cheating allegations, which he thinks she has done to embarrass him.

He then says: “Don’t come bleating to me when they chuck you out, this time you are on your own.”

To which she replies: ”When was I not on my own dad?”

Leah accuses Rose of stealing her engagement ring in one of episode two’s dramatic moments

4) Why does Rose want Leah and Adam to meet up with her so much?

Tonight saw the SECOND time that Rose had asked Adam to try and get all three of them together.

This creates another question – who is she obsessed with Leah OR Adam?

In the first episode she asked if both Adam and Leah would meet up with her and she did it again in the second episode.

She asks him if the couple can meet her at the pub that evening, with Adam saying “that probably won’t be a good idea”.

However, after Leah goes off to stay at her mum and dad’s he goes off to meet Rose.

5) Why did Adam want to start an affair with Rose?

Adam is clearly unhappy with Leah, and when Rose pays him a lot of attention he laps it up.

After they have been to the pub together they stare at each other as they go to leave and then Adam invites are back to his place but she says “it’s probably not a good idea”, and he then gets her a taxi

Adam later gets a text from Rose asking if he is “still up” and then she calls him.

She tells him she regrets not coming over and he said she should come over now then, but she declines. She then texts him encouraging him to “show her something” over text.

Rose then sends him a picture of her breasts and encourages him to do the same.

He is clearly torn at first but then is seen undoing his trousers as though to send her picture of his penis.

After he sends it, she then replies: “I’m off to do something naughty.”

As he is quick to oblige her, this also makes us ask, has he done this before?

We still don’t know what uni caretaker Ben is up to

6) Will Leah lie for Rose and say she didn’t cheat on her essay?

So at the end of the episode we see Rose send something to Leah via text right before her hearing over the alleged cheating allegations.

What we don’t know is if they are the explicit pictures that Adam sent her, or the CCTV images of Leah coming out of her room that Ben had given her.

All Rose wrote was: “Look familiar?”

But will the photos prevent Leah going ahead with the cheating allegations against Rose?

Another question that could be asked her is, ‘Did rose cheat deliberately to get Leah’s attention?’.

What to watch out for in episode three of Cheat?

Bear in mind the following when watching the next episode:

  • Will Leah uncover Rose’s secret box which has her engagement ring in and a photo of Leah and her dad?
  • What does uni caretaker Ben know about Rose’s vendetta against Leah?
  • Has Rose done something like this before? Her dad said she was “spiteful”.
  • Who will murder Adam? we still don’t know. This wasn’t revisited in episode two.

Cheat continues TONIGHT (March 13, 2019) at 9pm on ITV.






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