Champions League draw: Can two English sides face each other in quarter finals?


THE Champions League quarter-final is almost here and we could see four English teams participating.

Manchester United staged a miracle comeback against PSG while Spurs breezed past Dortmund.

Liverpool will hope to go one better in the Champions League this year, after losing to Real Madrid in May
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In the remaining matches, Man City are strong favourites to progress past Schalke while Liverpool’s tie against Bayern Munich hangs on a knife edge.

Can two English teams play each other in the Champions League quarter-final?

Yes. The quarter-final is the first stage in which country protection is removed.

In the group stage and second round no two teams from the same country can face each other.

But now Man United, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs could all face off.

This last happened as recently as last season when Liverpool beat Man City in an epic.

When are the Champions League matches?

18/19 September: Group stage matchday one

2/3 October: Group stage matchday two

23/24 October: Group stage matchday three

6/7 November: Group stage matchday four

27/28 November: Group stage matchday five

11/12 December: Group stage matchday six

17 December: Round of 16 draw

12/13 and 19/20 February: Round of 16 first leg

5/6 and 12/13 March: Round of 16 second leg

15 March: Quarter-final and semi-final draw

9/10 April: Quarter-finals first leg

16/17 April: Quarter-finals second leg

30 April/1 May: Semi-finals first leg

7/8 May: Semi-finals second leg

1 June: Final (Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid)



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