Cern cuts ties with scientist who said women were worse at physics than men


Europe’s physics lab Cern has cut ties with a scientist over a lecture that suggested physics was “built by men” and accused women of demanding jobs without proper qualifications.

Professor Alessandro Strumia from the University of Pisa, who had been a guest professor at Cern, made the comments during a workshop in September on high-energy theory and gender.

Cern had initially suspended Prof Strumia but said Thursday that it had decided to permanently end the partnership.

“As a result of its own investigation… Cern decided not to extend Professor Strumia’s status of Guest Professor,” the lab said in a statement.

Cern also noted a public reprimand issued against Prof Strumia by the University of Pisa in January.

Prof Strumia’s presentation – which included various slides, charts and graphs – appeared to claim that men face discrimination in the field of physics.


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