Celebrity Big Brother’s Roxanne Pallett Is Told She’s ‘done Nothing Wrong’ By Getting Close To Ben Jardine Despite Being Engaged


PSYCHIC Sally Morgan told engaged Roxanne Pallett she hasn’t done anything wrong in her friendship with Ben Jardine.

The 36-year-old and the Married At First Sight star have hit it off during their 10 days in the house, and other housemates have speculated that they could end up being more than just friends.

Channel 5 Sally Morgan told engaged Roxanne Pallett she hasn’t done anything wrong in her friendship with Ben Jardine

Ben’s admitted to having feelings for Roxanne, but thew former Emmerdale star insists she’s just being friendly.

In a heart to heart with Sally, she said: “I’ll just hang out on my own, I guess.

“Don’t be silly,” replied Sally. “You know it’s gossip.”

Roxanne continued: “It seems a boy and a girl can’t be friends without people talking.”

Channel 5 Sally rubbished what other housemates had said as ‘gossip’

Giving her some words of advice, Sally said: “Don’t act any differently otherwise you’ll make yourself stick out like a sore thumb.

“Darling, you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.”

Just two days ago Ben revealed he would have married Roxanne if she had walked down the aisle on Married At First Sight.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant – who cheated on his wife Steph shortly after the show finished –  admitted he “clicked” with Roxanne, despite the fact she is engaged and his is technically still married.

Ben has revealed there is a spark between himself and Roxanne

Ben, who is expecting a child with a mystery woman,  said of Roxanne: “I just click with her. My eyes brighten up when I see her and all that.

“She is so nice and caring, there is just something there. But how the hell do you click with each other on everything thing? Rocky is my inspiration and she has it tattooed on her thigh.

“I keep saying to her just imagine if she had walked up the aisle, it would be nuts wouldn’t it?”

Natalie Nunn said they are basically having an affair

Ben and Roxanne looked cosy in the hot tub

Meanwhile their budding relationship hasn’t been missed by their fellow housemates.

Discussing the pair, Rodrigo said to Natalie: “There is so much chemistry.”

She replied: “I told her ‘girl you have a thing for Ben’ and she was like ‘no, no, no’.”

Concerned Rodrigo, added: “She needs to distance herself, otherwise her husband is going to leave her.”

Natalie pointed out she wasn’t married yet, before they went on to discuss Gabby and Dan.

She added: “These people are basically having affairs.”

Ben thinks he has a lot in common with Roxanne

Splash News Roxanne and her fiance Lee, who she got engaged to after a week of dating


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