CBeebies slammed by outraged parents for using Michael Jackson song to teach kids sign language


OUTRAGED parents have slammed CBeebies for using a Michael Jackson song to teach kids sign language.

CBeebies show Magic Hands helps young children learn British Sign Language using famous pieces of music and poetry.

Outraged parents were disgusted at the BBC using a song featuring Michael Jackson

Furious parents hit out at the Beeb after finding their kids were being taught the song ‘ABC’, made famous by Michael and his siblings.

They spoke out in the wake of the bombshell Leaving Neverland documentary, in which Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 40, claimed they were abused by Jacko as kids.

Mum-of-three Stephanie Mara-Cole, 31, said: “I was watching Magic Hands with my two-year-old son and was pretty shocked that the entire episode was based around a song sung by Michael Jackson.

“I watched Leaving Neverland and couldn’t believe CBeebies hadn’t pulled it from the schedule.

“Given all the vile things Michael Jackson has been accused of doing to children, it actually make my skin crawl to hear the song.”

Dad Christopher Johnson, 28, added: “Did no one think that teaching small children a Jackson song might be slightly inappropriate after Leaving Neverland?

“It needs to be pulled from the air indefinitely.”

Given all the vile things Michael Jackson has been accused of doing to children, it actually make my skin crawl to hear the song

Mum Stephanie Mara-Cole

The Magic Hands episode, titled ‘ABC’, sees host Mae sign to her deaf pal Mia: “I think you’ll like it. It’s called ABC.

“It’s all about learning new things and having good friends who love you and who will help you when you need it.”

After performing the 1970 hit, with the help of an animated lion called Leapy, Mae said: “Wow, what a fantastic song that was.”

She then asks the young audience: “Did you dance along with us?”

On its website, CBeebies states: “Leapy goes back to school to learn the basics of education as Mae and Mia perform the Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ in British Sign Language, accompanied by animations.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “This song was recorded and performed by the programme’s own production for a programme specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing children.”

Mum-of-three Stephanie Mara-Cole said hearing the song made her ‘skin crawl’


Jackson and James Safechuck, who says the singer abused him until he was 14[/caption]

Wade Robson
Young Wade Robson with Michael Jackson after winning a dance competition



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