Casualty spoilers: Beloved couple ‘torn apart’ as popular character hides 'tragic' secret


    David Hide (played by Jason Durr) was reunited with his wife Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Sallés) in last week’s edition of Casualty after months of being apart. The pair didn’t have the most conventional route into marriage, starting off as being enemies rather than friends. Longtime viewers of the BBC medical drama will know tying-the-knot to the hospital porter was a big moment for the Band Five nurse as he had struggled with his bipolar diagnosis for years. For years the beloved character thought his mental health condition would be a barrier to letting him find romance and as his demons come back to him in upcoming scenes, will he lose his spouse for good?

    The drama kicks off on Saturday night when David decides to go for a run, only for a troubling memory from his past to take hold.

    Having been on top of his condition for many years, the father-of-one is taken back to a time when he was admitted to a psychiatric ward during a period of psychosis.

    With something clearly on her husband’s mind, Rosa will ask what’s wrong, only for her spouse to shut her out.

    Viewers will see him lock his medication in a draw, out of sight from prying eyes and it’s not until later he finally confides in someone about his feelings.

    Speaking with colleague and friend Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson), the nurse tells her his wife actually knows nothing about him.

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    Following the conversation, David will then help a patient who seems to mirror some of the surpassed feelings he’s trying to hide.

    As he becomes too close to the case, the nurse finds himself becoming more and more anxious, later running to the bathroom to try and prevent a panic attack.

    Recording the day as highly stressful in his diary, it will be clear the beloved character needs his wife more than ever.

    Actor Jason Durr, 52, has teased his alter-ego could be set for heartbreak as he struggles to open up to his wife about his secret feelings.

    Jason added: “If that in any way gets messed around with, he’s not sure whether he can cope and all those secrets in his life and worries – he’s just never sure if he can tell Rosa those things.

    “He’s terrified of opening up to her for the simple reason she might leave him. It’s terribly sad, tragic and uplifting at the same time.”

    Having hinted his character won’t be able to overcome his demons, is this the end for David’s marriage?

    Fans would certainly be disappointed if they did split as one wrote on Twitter: “Lovely to have Rosa back on #Casualty I’ve missed her. David and she are so sweet.”

    Another posted: “Awwwww David and Rosa are so cute #Casualty,” with a third adding: “I love David and Rosa #Casualty xx.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, it seems love is blossoming for two other characters as Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) and Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima) continue to grow closer.

    The doctor will finally open up to the paramedic about his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, allowing his former lover to see him in a new light.

    He is currently unaware the expectant mother is still pregnant with his child, so will she finally disclose the truth to him?

    Casualty continues Saturday at 8:40pm on BBC One.


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