Carl Beech aka Nick found guilty of making up Westminster VIP paedophile ring


Beech first went to the police in December 2012 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, claiming to have been abused by his late stepfather, Raymond Beech, who was a Major in the Army and Jimmy Savile.

Wiltshire Police looked at the allegations but concluded there was little could be done because the man he was accusing was dead.

Two years later, after meeting the Labour MP, Tom Watson, Beech was approached by detectives from Scotland Yard, telling them he had been a victim of a paedophile ring operating at the heart of Westminster.

Crucially he named names, telling detectives some of the country’s most respectable figures, both alive and dead, had been responsible for the abuse.

Beech was given the pseudonym, Nick, and was famously declared to be “credible and true” by the police.

But after more than a year the investigation was shelved and the Met apologised to those who had been falsely accused.

The force also paid £100,000 in compensation to Lord Bramall and Lady Brittan for their ordeal.


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