Captain Marvel box office ‘tracking ahead of BILLION-dollar Black Panther’


Screen Daily’s Disney sources said: “Captain Marvel was currently pacing ahead of comparable first-instalment MCU films such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man in most territories.”

While domestically Captain Marvel is unlikely to top Black Panther’s $700 million, perhaps its international appeal could see it not only break $1 billion but also top Black Panther?

Both films are certainly firsts for the franchise, with Black Panther being the first MCU movie to be led by an African-American and Captain Marvel the first female solo outing.

If Captain Marvel tops $1 billion at the worldwide box office it will join three Avengers movies, Black Panther, Iron Man 3 and Captain America Civil War.

Avengers Endgame picks up right after Avengers Infinity War’s devastating cliffhanger, which saw Thanos successfully murder half the universe.

Captain Marvel is set to feature in the sequel, teaming up with the survivors to somehow reverse the genocide.

She’ll then go on to head up the MCU franchise going forward, taking over from Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.

Captain Marvel is out now, and Avengers Endgame is released in UK cinemas on April 25, 2019.


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