Can Meghan Markle run for president? Will Duchess of Sussex go for leader role?


Meghan Markle could still run for president as long as she is a US citizen.

Only someone who is a citizen of the United States can be elected and serve as president.

What is more, Meghan could run now, if she so chose.

Those who are elected as president must be over 35 years old, but as Meghan is 37, there is no problem there.

There is a Title of Nobility Clause in the Constitution – however it does not apply to Meghan.

This is because it prohibits leaders from accepting titles of nobility while in office.

Meghan for president would certainly make for a number of historical firsts.

This would include first woman elected to US president, first mixed heritage woman to be elected to US president and first member of the British Royal Family elected to be US president.

However, Kensington Palace issued a statement when a Daily Mail article suggested Meghan had recently told a friend she would like to run or the office.

Kensington Palace said: “The conversation you describe with an associate is fictitious.”

There is a change Meghan might become a UK citizen.

In this case she would be ruled out.

One Twitter user wrote: “Meghan Markle for President of the United States and she can wear Karen Walker trench coats everyday of the presidency if she likes.”

Another said: “I don’t think I could resist voting for Meghan Markle for president.”

“Meghan Markle for President! Can she carry that title alongside Duchess of Sussex?” another said.

One wrote: “Meghan Markle for President!Wouldn’t that be something. Prince Harry First Gentleman? #markleforpresident.”

Can Meghan Markle drive in the UK? 

According to reports Meghan Markle had a US driver’s license, although she drove and automatic car on the right side of the road.

It was claimed that Prince Harry was taking on the job of teaching Meghan how to drive on the left.


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