Calls to ban ‘autonomous killer robots’ after Nobel prize winners warn they could ‘go rogue’


KILLER robots should be banned whilst there is still time, according to Nobel Prize winners who are asking the UN to outlaw autonomous weapons.

Activists from 35 different countries met in Berlin this week to protest lethal robotic weapons as UN representatives gather in Geneva to debate the matter.


Campaigners think the robots will be lethal if they fall into the wrong hands[/caption]

An open letter calling for the ban has been signed by many academics including Nobel Prize winners.

This is because there are fears that once the military has created such technology, it could fall into the hands of criminals, terrorists and law enforcement.

Academics are urging that all AI-powered weapons which are able to kill people without human interference should be restricted.

This technology is being referred to as the ‘third revolution’ in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear weapons.


Despite the campaign, killer robots are still being created[/caption]

Critics of autonomous weapons fear that they could easily be hacked into by cyber attackers or could go wrong on their own as a result of programming errors.

The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize and has backed the protests.

The open letter to the UN reads: “This ability to selectively and anonymously target groups of people without human oversight would carry dire humanitarian consequences and be highly destabilising.

“By nature of being cheap and easy to mass produce, lethal autonomous weapons can fall into the hands of terrorists and despots, lower the barriers to armed conflict, and become weapons of mass destruction enabling very few to kill very many.”

The UN has been holding meetings since 2016 to discuss the pros and cons of killer robots.

None of this has stopped some groups continuing to create the weapons though as just last week a terrifying new video of some of Russia’s latest killer robots in action was released.

Russian arms makers also recently unveiled designs for a killer attack drone with an assault rifle strapped to it.

Proof are phones could be listening to everything we say.

China building mysterious 30,000-TON ‘nuclear icebreaker’ ship that can smash through Arctic ice sheets – but won’t reveal why.

Russia recently revealed a nuclear spaceship that it hopes will fly to Mars “in the very near future”.

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