Burnt Brits show off their very dodgy tan lines after the scorching Easter weekend


WITH record-breaking temperatures soaring just shy of 25 degrees over the Bank Holiday, sun-hungry Brits were out in force to top up their tans.

And while many took time to protect themselves, some have been left paying the painful price of burn marks and dodgy tan lines after forgetting to slap on the sun cream.

Many sun-hungry Brits were out in force to top up their tans, only to find themselves badly burnt
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After a long, cold British winter we were all in dire need of some Vitamin D, but not everyone took on the less is more approach when it came to sitting out in the sunshine.

From super-strappy bikini marks or ugly vest outlines, to a hand across a chest or leaving just one body part in the shade, these fails will act as a timely reminder to reach for some SPF.

As for these red raw wretches it’s too late to turn back time, and their toe-curling sun stencils will no doubt take as long to fade as their embarrassment.

Here the Sun Online has compiled the best of the worst of dodgy tan lines from the Easter weekend.


Blazing guns


What’s the backstory?

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My amazing boyfriend helped me with yard work and stayed in the sun for 6 hours. We forgot sunscreen obviously. While I got a slight tan and a small burn, he…well, he turned into a lobster #spring #garden #sunburn

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Sore sight


Skincredibly bad


Red head


Watch out!


Feel the burn

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Result of a long cycle ride in the sun 😬#ironmantraining #dodgytanlines

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Red Cross


If you found yourself suffering from sunburn after the Easter weekend, check out the best soothing remedies – from teabags to yogurt.

While doctors claim that sunburn just once every two years ‘triples risk of deadly skin cancer‘.

And experts are warning of ‘botched’ lip fillers as celebs fuel a rise in cosmetic operations.




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