Burger King adds Black Angus burger to the menu – and it’s beefier than ever


BURGER King has launched its beefiest and most luxurious burger ever to its UK menus.

The fast food giant has added a gourmet Black Angus burger that comes with a thick 100 per cent Scottish beef patty and a brioche bun.

Burger King has added a Black Angus burger to its menu and it’s the beefiest one yet
Burger King

The flame-grilled meal is officially called the Smoky Black Angus because it comes with barbecue sauce.

In stores now, the burger also comes with the usual toppings of bacon, cheese, onions, and lettuce.

As you might expect, the burger is one of the priciest items on the menu at £7.49 for a meal, which includes fries and a drink.

That’s the same price as the chain’s popular Bacon King burger.

Burger King has a new burger on its menu
Burger King has a new burger on its menu
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We’ve asked Burger King how much the Black Angus costs on its own and we will update this article if we hear back.

Burgers aren’t exactly healthy treats and the Black Angus does contain a fair few calories at 652kcal and 32g of fat.

Together with medium fries and a fizzy drink, a meal would contain nearly 1,000 calories.

An adult man is supposed to have around 2,500 calories a day, while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.


But as a treat, we think you should just enjoy it if you’re going to have one.

The US has had a black Angus burger on its menu for a while – and it even comes in a black burger bun.

But over here, the bun is made of brown brioche.

Soco Nunez de Cela, head of brand and marketing communications at Burger King UK Group Ltd said, “At Burger King, we wanted to develop our premium menu, to offer another delicious burger to get customer mouths watering.”

“This new Black Angus offers everything a burger lover is looking for: flavour, texture and quality, and we’re proud to bring this product to the UK market.”

Burger King has around 500 stores in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online store locator tool.

The fast food chain also added a mini Bacon King to its menu last month.

Meanwhile, Burger King customers have accused the chain of hiking prices due to sugar tax.

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