Bully who broke girlfriend’s nose after miscarriage then made her pay him £500 walks free from court after blaming his abuse on being ‘immature’


A BULLY who beat up his girlfriend and forced her to give him £500 has walked free from court after he blamed his thuggery on being ”immature.”

Joseph Gallacher abused student nurse Natasha O’Callaghan after mistakenly believing she was dating other men.

Natasha O’Callaghan was beaten and abused by her boyfriend Joseph Gallacher
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She suffered prolonged controlling behaviour and a nose fracture
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Gallacher, now 20, has walked free after blaming his behaviour on being ‘immature’
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During a six-month relationship in 2017, Gallacher, then 18, of Harpurhey, Manchester threatened other men at her college he was jealous of.

He also restricted 19-year-old Miss O’Callaghan from seeing her friends and family and called her a “slag” for wearing make-up and dressing up to go out.

The teen attempted to flush one of her dresses down the toilet and smashed her iPod because she went to the pub.

In one incident he got drunk and threw a large candle and a TV remote at her when she refused his sexual advances.

He also stole one of her mother’s rings and sold it for £60.


Gallacher is also reported to have checked her phone will she was sleeping and sent messages to men calling them “babe” to elicit a response.

He was arrested after he assaulted Miss O’Callaghan when she told him she had miscarried their baby.

He met Miss O’Callaghan outside the doctor’s surgery and took her to the canal where he hit her, causing a fracture to her nose.

She begged to be taken to the hospital but he told her to “shut up” and demanded she clean the blood from her face.

He then forced her to transfer him £500 via mobile banking and as he went to withdraw money from a cashpoint, the victim escaped and called the police.

When the police attended they noted she was crying and very distressed.

She had reddening on the left cheek, swelling above the right eye and bruising and swelling to the nose.

Your behaviour is nothing short of shameful and you should feel that

Sentencing Judge Patrick Field QCAt Manchester Crown Court

At Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) Gallacher, now 20, faced up to five years jail after he pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, theft and fraud.

But he escaped with 21 months imprisonment suspended for two years after he claimed his his conduct was due to being ”young, immature and a little weirdo.”

Sentencing Judge Patrick Field QC told Gallacher: ”You treated her with disdain and a complete lack of respect. You were repeatedly petulant and violent towards her and her property.

“Your behaviour is nothing short of shameful and you should feel that. You had an unfortunate childhood but that does not provide an excuse.

“You used multiple methods of being controlling and coercive and on occasions you showed conduct intending to humiliate Miss O’Callaghan.”

Gallacher who has been in custody on remand for nine months had various previous convictions including assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

He was also ordered to complete a domestic abuse programme, 200 hours unpaid work and pay compensation of £500 to Miss O’Callaghan.

He was also made subject of a restraining order for five years.

Miss O’Callaghan called the police after Gallacher fractured her nose
Cavendish Press
The thug was given a suspended prison sentence for his crimes
Cavendish Press
The student nurse, then 19, was subject to persistent controlling abuse
Cavendish Press
After Miss O’Callaghan told Gallacher she had miscarried their baby he beat her and forced her to pay him £500
Cavendish Press
Gallacher has been given a restraining order of five years
Cavendish Press

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