‘Bullies’ and ‘terrorists’: Iranian Foreign Minister launches fierce anti-US tirade


As Newsweek reports, Mr Zarif, the chief negotiator to the nuclear deal, was in New York for a United Nations meeting. The former diplomat was under strict Visa restrictions which allowed him and his staff to visit just six blocks in the Big Apple. He said that the onus was not on Iran for renegotiation for the nuclear deal which the Trump administration pulled out from: “If you allow a bully to bully you into accepting one thing, you’ll encourage him to bully you into accepting other things.”

Mr Zarif rejected the suggestion all of Mr Trump’s team want to avoid war: “I believe President Trump is being advised by people who are not interested in promoting peace, but interested in advancing an agenda that they have had, I know they are people in his administration who are crazy for war.”

He wanted that an “accident” might lead to war but said Iran only wished to protect its own territory: “We cannot leave our own neighbourhood, those who have come from outside have to decide why are they in that neighbourhood, and whether their presence in that neighbourhood is helping stability and security.”

He remained hopeful that an ease in tensions can be arranged: “We don’t need to have a deadlock. We don’t want to embarrass anybody. We believe all we want is what we negotiated and implemented, and then we can go even further, we will continue to sell our oil, but we will not sell our dignity,” he concluded.”

Iran has exceeded the uranium enrichment limit imposed on them by the deal.

Their enrichment has reached 5 percent, exceeding what they agreed in 2015 but still way short of the 90 percent needed for use in nuclear weapons.

Tehran has called for European signatories of the deal – UK, France, Germany and the EU to help protect it from US sanctions.

The current sanctions deny Tehran access to the US financial system and the ability to trade in US dollars.

A leak of diplomatic memos from now resigned British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch accused President Trump of withdrawing from the original deal because he and his team were: “Set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons – it was Obama’s deal.”


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