Bugatti reveals £25,000 ‘baby’ electric car for kids with 30mph top speed


BUGATTI has unveiled an exclusive line of mini electric cars for young motoring enthusiasts.

The French manufacturer is reviving its 1927 ‘Bugatti Baby’, which was a half-scale model of the iconic Type 35 built for Ettore Bugatti’s son.

Bugatti has revealed a compact electric car for limited production

A line of 500 of the miniature models were built between 1927 and 1936, becoming the ultimate toy for wealthy kids.

To celebrate the company’s 110th birthday, the ‘Baby II’ will be released in the same quantity, but with a number of modern twists.

While the original was only big enough for children, the latest model will be three-quarters the size of the Type 35 Grand Prix car and big enough for an adult to drive.

The mini car runs on an electric motor and comes with different options to control its power output.

The new model is a revival of the original Bugatti Baby from the late 1920s
Just 500 of the mini cars will be made

In “child mode”, it’s limited to 1.3bhp with a top speed of 12mph.

But users can also switch it to “adult mode” which allows the car to generate 5bhp and achieve a limited speed of 30mph.

The rear-wheel-drive comes with an aluminium dash board, leather seat and custom Bugatti instruments.

Similar to the brand’s famous Chiron and Veyron hypercars, the Baby II also comes with the option of a Speed Key, which turns off all speed limiters and gives the compact motor a maximum 13bhp output.

The tiny vehicle doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting at £25,000 – despite the fact it can’t be driven on the road.

And to top it off, the nose of the car boasts the company’s famous ‘Macaron’ badge made using 50g of solid silver.


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