Brussels Could Scrap Daylight Saving Time As Countries Want Relief From Long Winters, Survey Claims


BRUSSELS looks set to scrap daylight saving time in a controversial move that could deeply divide the EU.

Eurocrats are likely to do away with the annual clock change following a huge call from European voters for it to end.

Alamy Two-thirds of the responses were from Germany — home to the World Clock

More than 80 per cent of respondents to the bloc’s largest ever survey said the tradition should now be axed, according to German media.

More than 4.6million people responded to the massive consultation, which was instigated by MEPs.

However, it was reported that around two-thirds of the respondents came from Germany, potentially vastly skewing the results.

Countries including Finland, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland are pushing for daylight saving time to be dropped due to their long, dark winters. They point to evidence it can cause short-term sleeping disorders, reduced performance at work and even serious health problems.

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