Brits will be able to travel visa-free to Europe after Brexit as EU confirms visa-waiver policy


BRITS can book their next holiday to Europe without worrying about getting a visa as EU lawmakers have voted for a visa-waiver policy for UK citizens.

The move permits stays of up to 90 days in any 180-day period, but does not grant the right to work.

Brits won’t need visas to visit Europe after Brexit

EU lawmakers have said British citizens should be allowed to travel to continental Europe without a visa after Brexit.

The vote approving the motion to allow tourism or business trips was overwhelmingly in favour, with 501 votes against 81, with 29 abstentions.
The full parliament is likely to endorse the decision Thursday.

If there is a Brexit deal, it will include a 21-month transition period during which the current rules will continue to apply.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA said: “Today’s vote provides absolute certainty that UK holidaymakers and business travellers will be able to travel visa-free to Europe, deal or no deal.

Brits will be granted visa-free travel even if there's No Deal
Brits will be granted visa-free travel even if there’s No Deal
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“It  follows on from the confirmation a few weeks ago that flights will continue to operate, even in a no deal.

“This means that two of the most important concerns for UK tourists and business travellers visiting the EU have been addressed and will provide a further boost to confidence about travel to the EU after Brexit.”

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The proposal for visa-free travel was originally put forward by the European Commission in November.

They said at the time: “EU ambassadors today agreed that, following Brexit, UK citizens coming to the Schengen area for a short stay (90 days in any 180 days) should be granted visa free travel.”

This is despite fears of a US-style visa waiver being introduced, which would cost Brits £6.

Even if the UK leaves without a deal, flights will also continue to Europe, it was confirmed.

Brits should double check the date on their passport, however, as the Foreign Office advises having up to 15 months left when travelling.

A handy passport checker lets you check whether you need to renew the document before going on holiday.


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