Brits call on MPs to speed up Brexit and NOT force long delay as Theresa May faces crunch week


BRITS want politicians to get on with Brexit instead of imposing a long delay, a new poll finds today.

Most voters would be unhappy if the process of quitting the EU got extended beyond the summer.

Brits have called for MPs to get on with Brexit
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And they have warned MPs against kicking the can down the road if Theresa May’s deal gets voted down this week.

Ministers today spoke out against “the politics of uncertainty” which would be unleashed if the deal were defeated.

If Parliament votes against the withdrawal agreement on Tuesday, MPs will then have a chance to delay Brexit instead of leaving with No Deal on March 29.

A new poll found that just 17 per cent of Brits would support an extension to Brexit in the event of the deal being voted down.

The BMG survey for the Independent showed more voters would like to see either No Deal or a second referendum rather than prolonged uncertainty.

And if Brexit does get delayed, 52 per cent of the public say the extension should be no longer than six months at the most.

It’s in the gift of MPs to get on and deliver on Brexit

Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock today warned that MPs who vote against the deal are embracing “the politics of uncertainty”.

He told Sky News: “It’s in the gift of MPs to get on and deliver on Brexit.

“That is what the public voted for almost three years ago – we have the opportunity on Tuesday to deliver on the referendum.”

Brexiteer Cabinet minister Liam Fox added: “There is a genuine risk of a substantial Remain element within our Parliament stealing Brexit from the people.”

Eurosceptic backbenchers blasted the possibility of a delay – saying it would kill off democracy in Britain.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, top Tory Steve Baker and the DUP’s Nigel Dodds said: “The harm done to public trust in politics and democracy itself would be incalculable.

“For some, democracy would be effectively dead.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg said an extension of the Article 50 deadline would see “the honour and trustworthiness of politicians fall to a new low”.

Mrs May is on course for a second heavy defeat when her deal returns to the Commons on Tuesday.

She has promised to give MPs the right to choose between a No Deal Brexit on March 29, or a delay of three months.

Theresa May faces a crunch week for her Brexit deal
Jacob Rees-Mogg has spoken out against a Brexit delay
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