Britons SHUN European holidays over Brexit fear with a quarter claiming they'll stay in UK


Brexit is having a tangible negative impact on travel, with a quarter of holidaymakers refusing to venture abroad due to the political chaos surrounding the UK’s departure from the European Union. Candid statistics, related by Camping in the Forest, show 24 per cent are less likely to travel overseas in the entirety of 2019 – a direct consequence of the ongoing uncertainty. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has secured an Article 50 extension for Brexit, which will now see the UK leave the EU on October 31. This comes after two postponements, in March and April.

Yet three meaningful votes on Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement – as well as Indicative Vote procedures from MPs – have failed to secure support for a preferred Brexit route.

This means both a no deal Brexit, and a deal Brexit, are still possibilities.

The turmoil has clearly switched up holidaymakers preferences, with almost 50 per cent stating they were considering camping in the UK, over 19 per cent who favoured a sun-soaked vacation.

Fresh air and exploration also trumped sitting on a sun-lounger as the political scenario directly impacts the holiday scene.

Bob Hill, Sites Director at Camping in the Forest, said: “It’s so interesting to see the results of our survey showed the days of ‘fly and flop’ holidays where we hop off a plane, or out of the car and straight on to a sun lounger, are gone.

“Instead, we want a real sense of adventure and the freedom to explore and create our own escapades.”

He added: “But, despite all of the findings, it’s important to remember adventure means different things to different people.

“To some, it’s as extreme as exploring an active volcano, but to others it’s simply trying something new.

“At Camping in the Forest, we’re encouraging everyone to create their own adventure this year, whether it’s cycling, holidaying with your dog, doing nature trails, or even going hiking!

“Trying something new like this can really help us to feel happy, enhance our wellbeing and most importantly, create memories that last a lifetime.”

The results came from a survey of 2,000 UK globe-trotters, who will be all too aware of the twists and turns which have formed part of the Brexit process.

Travellers have also suffered from Brexit’s impact on the pound to euro exchange rate, which “drifted” to lower levels yesterday. reported how the pound is “under pressure” courtesy of the sheer uncertainty.

Labour leader Jermy Corbyn has poured cold water on notions of progress in current Brexit talks, in comments which may spell further bad news for travellers and the exchange rate ahead of the Easter break.

According to The Sun, he said: “We’ve put those cases very robustly to the Government and there’s no agreement as yet.

“The Government doesn’t appear to be shifting the red lines because they’ve got a big pressure in the Tory party that actually wants to turn this country into a deregulated low-tax society which will do a deal with Trump.

“I don’t want to do that.”


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