Britons DO understand Boris Johnson's lockdown rules – 'It's common sense!'

An ongoing survey of more than 70,000 adults carried out by researchers from University College London (UCL) found fewer than half of respondents have a clear idea of the current rules. About 45 percent reported having a “broad understanding” of the current rules in England, with just 14 percent of participants claiming to understand the rules completely now lockdown has eased.

The new research prompted to ask its readers whether they understand the current lockdown restrictions.

The poll carried out from 00.01am-12noon on August 1, asked: “Do you understand Boris Johnson’s current coronavirus lockdown measures?”

The majority of the 3,941 respondents indicated that they did understand the rules, with 67 percent (2,649 people) voting “yes”.

Just under one third (32 percent, 1,248 people) voted “no”.

One percent of users opted for “don’t know”.

Readers then took to the comments to justify why they had voted a particular way, with many stating the rules were common sense.

One user wrote: “Common sense, good understanding of the English language, Sorted.”

Another person said: “Dealing with coronavirus is common sense you don’t need a Government to tell you what to do.”

But one user disagreed, and wrote: “For most people, however, there are many many people who have ZERO common sense and many who care only for what they WANT.”

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Another reader agreed and said the main issue was not if people understood the rules, but Britons choosing to disregard them.

They wrote: “Anyone who can read can understand the rules. Deliberate disregard is the problem.”

Another user said: “Easy to understand if you intend to do so and that’s the issue with them, too many choosing not to.”

A third wrote: “And there are those people who do not want to understand them and will not follow them anyway to the detriment of other people’s health.”

But one reader suggested no one fully understand the Government’s advice.

They wrote: “Does anyone understand fully, 100 percent! If you say you do you must be an expert!”


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