British woman arrested in Dubai over Facebook horse insult convicted and fined by court


She is the first Briton to be charged under the UAE”s strict cybercrime laws, which makes it a criminal offence to post defamatory and insulting words on social media.

Even though the insulting Facebook post was written while Ms Shahravesh was living in the UK the Emirate’s new laws meant that as the “victim” was in Dubai a prosecution could be brought.

Radha Stirling, chief executive of Detained In Dubai, had described Ms Shahravesh’s arrest as “unreasonable”.

Commenting on the court’s decision, she said: “We maintain that the case against Laleh should have been dismissed at the outset, and while we are pleased that her nightmare is over, her conviction on this absurd case sets a dangerous precedent.

“We are pleased that she will be allowed to return home to be reunited with her daughter Paris, but serious concerns remain regarding the many risks for foreigners in the UAE, as well as the apparent docility of the UK consular staff in the Emirates and the refusal of the FCO to update its travel warnings for British citizens to provide them with a more accurate evaluation of the dangers they face in the UAE.”


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