British photograph scoops top prize in the 2019 Underwater Photography Competition with stunning image of a canoeist at sunset


A BRITISH photographer has scooped the top prize in the 2019 Underwater Photography Competition with a stunning image of a canoeist at sunset.

Take a look at Grant Thomas’ stunning “best of show” shot, then keep scrolling to see the rest of the incredible finalists.

Grant Thomas /

British photographer Grant Thomas’ winning image: an impressive split shot of a coral reef in Papua New Guinea[/caption]

Luc Rooman /

Two mating frogs, captured with incredible composition by photographer Luc Rooman[/caption]

Henley Spiers /

A beautiful close-up image of a seahorse, shot by photographer Henley Spiers[/caption]

Celia Kujala /

An adorable close-up of a sea lion’s whiskers underwater, shot by photographer Celia Kujala[/caption]

Pedro Carrillo /

A pack of stingrays swimming caused a lovely motion-blur in this image, shot by Pedro Carrillo[/caption]

Nicholas Samaras /

A cheerful-looking multi-coloured stingray, shot by Nicholas Samaras[/caption]

Songda Cai /

A ‘blackwater fish’ with colourful filaments, shot by Songda Cai[/caption]

Alessandro Giannaccini /

A species of small, green sea snails, the Emerald nerite, shot by Alessandro Giannaccini[/caption]

Grant Thomas /

A lovely image of a free-diver in a fish cave in Indonesia, shot by photographer Grant Thomas[/caption]

Matthew Sullivan /

A pair of salmon swimming through the sea, shot by Matthew Sullivan[/caption]

Virginia Salzedo /

A captivating portrait of a regal seahorse, shot by Virginia Salzedo[/caption]

Renee Capozzola /

A ‘flying turtle’ shot underwater by Renee Capozzola[/caption]

Fabien Michenet

A ribbon fish shot in black water, by photographer Fabien Michenet[/caption]

Songda Cai /

A colourful squid shot in black water, by photographer Songda Cai[/caption]

Henley Spiers /

A fish with sharp teeth against a wavy background, shot by Henley Spiers[/caption]

Andy Schmid /

A trio of humpback whales swim through the ocean in this incredible shot from photographer Andy Schmid[/caption]

Jacob Degee /

An extreme, grey-scaled close-up of a crocodile’s eye, shot by Jacob Degee[/caption]

Todor Dimitrov /

A sea snake pops its head out of the water for some air, in this colourful, split-level shot from photographer Todor Dimitrov[/caption]

Christian Vizl /

A sea lion swims beneath a massive sea of sardines in this stunning shot captured by Christian Vizl[/caption]

Enrico Somogyi /

Another fantastic split-level shot of a hairy frogfish at sunrise, shot by Enrico Somogyi[/caption]

Domenico Tripodi /

A colourful fish swims along the ocean floor in this incredible image taken by Domenico Tripodi[/caption]

Tyler Schiffman /

A sea lion swims in an Indonesian paradise, in this image by Tyler Schiffman[/caption]

Magnus Lundgen /

A cheeky frog pops its head above the water for some air, in this shot captured by Magnus Lundgen[/caption]

Grant Thomas /

A turtle swims at sunset in Papua New Guinea, shot by Grant Thomas[/caption]

Henley Spiers /

A deep-sea diver swims above a massive sea of fish, in this incredible shot from photographer Henley Spiers[/caption]

Nadia Aly /

A colourful reefscape shot by Nadia Aly[/caption]

Andy Schmid /

A fish emerges from a bed of coral underwater, in this image taken by Andy Schmid[/caption]

Katherine Lu /

A leafy seadragon swims in dark water, in this image by Katherine Lu[/caption]

Oleg Gaponyuk /

Hundreds of jellyfish surround a diver, in this shot by Oleg Gaponyuk[/caption]

Tom St George /

A diver swims in a natural pit beneath the jungle, in this image by Tom St George[/caption]

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