Britain’s sickest teen killer’s chilling last words to tragic Alesha MacPhail as he lured child from bed to rape and murder her are revealed – as he is caged for life


THE twisted teen killer who snatched, raped and murdered six-year-old Alesha MacPhail told her he was ‘taking her home’ as he carried her away to her death.

Aaron Campbell, 16, told a psychologist ‘all I thought about was killing her’ when he walked in on Alesha sleeping in her bed on the Isle of Bute in Scotland.

Alesha, six, was raped and murdered and dumped in woods
Aaron Campbell, 16, was unmasked as the monster who raped and killed her in Bute, Scotland
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Alesha’s mum Georgina Lochrane as she left court today
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The monster carried her out of her family’s holiday house and into woodland before removing her clothes and raping her. He then smothered her to death and dumped her body nearby.

Campbell – who denied the crimes at trial – admitted the rape and murder for the first time ahead of sentencing for his sickening crimes today.

Details of his confession were read to the court, in which he said Alesha had woken up in his arms as he carried her away at 2am.

He told the tragic six-year-old he was a friend of her dad’s and was taking her home.

All I thought about was killing her once I saw her

Aaron Campbell during his psychological report

Judge Lord Matthews said: “You told him (the pyschologist) that in the 12 months prior to the murder, you thought of doing something excessive, including rape.

“He records that when you saw Alesha, your reaction was according to you ‘a moment of opportunity’… ‘all I thought about was killing her once I saw her’.

Defending, QC Brian McConnachie said the teen had shown “traits on the psychopathy checklist” during the pyschological profile.

There were screams of ‘f***ing paedo’ from the public gallery at the High Court in Glasgow as Campbell was led down to the cells.

Alesha’s heartbroken mum Georgina Lochrane left the court in tears following the hearing.


Sentencing Campbell to life in prison, with a minimum of 27 years, Judge Matthews said: “You had been drinking but wanted cannabis and broke into the house to get some. You returned to the house and entered Alesha’s bedroom.”

Referring to the details of the reports, the judge added: “You said that Alesha was drowsy and became a bit more awake when you went outside.

“She asked who you were and where you were going, you said you were a friend of her father’s and that you were taking her home.

“You gave her your top because she was cold.

“You explained that after you murdered Alesha, you threw your clothes into the sea, had a shower, then returned to where you left her to retrieve your phone.”

The judge continued: “Your attitude was clearly demonstrated by the evidence that you posted an image of yourself in the mirror, while making a joke that you had found where the murderer was hiding.

“Your arrogance was breathtaking. Not once during the trial did I detect a flicker of emotion from you.

“At points during the trial you had to stop yourself from laughing, you had to tell yourself to zip it.”

Your arrogance was breathtaking. Not once during the trial did I detect a flicker of emotion from you

Judge Lord Matthews

The cannabis and violent computer game-obsessed teen carried out a savage sexual attack leaving her with 117 separate injuries before smothering her to death and dumping her body.

He was convicted after damning billion-to-one DNA evidence linked him to the crime scene and chilling CCTV footage showing him skulking from his mum’s home the night of the slaughter on July 2 last year.

Campbell can be named after a legal challenge by The Sun and other media outlets saw his right to anonymity overturned due to the shocking nature of the murder.

The teen fiend tried to blame Alesha’s father Robert’s girlfriend for the murder in a cowardly bid to escape justice.

He outrageously claimed that he had a sexual affair with Toni McLachlan and that she had planted DNA evidence from a used condom.


Little Alesha had been staying with her dad and grandparents on the Isle of Bute when she feel asleep watching a Peppa Pig DVD.

Campbell -who had drunk nearly two bottles of wine at a house party – stole a knife from his mum’s kitchen and swiped Alesha from her bed at 2am.

A “shadowy figure” was later captured on CCTV carrying a mystery object – believed to be Alesha – across the shoreline at Rothesay on the night she vanished.

Once at the site of a former hotel, the twisted killer removed the girl’s clothes and shook her “violently” as he covered her nose, mouth and neck with his hands.

Her mutilated body was found in woods on the Isle of Bute hours later after her devastated family woke up to find she was missing.

Judge Lord Matthews who presided over the case told Campbell the case was “one of the wickedest and most evil crimes in the history of this court”.

Following the verdict, the killer’s mother accepted he was a drug taker but insisted he ‘was not a violent boy’.

She said: “I wanted him to grow up in a safe place, a peaceful environment, and get a good education.

“He wasn’t a violent boy. He was very normal. Yes, he smoked cannabis, but it’s rife among kids on this island.

“I knew he was buying it from Rab [Alesha’s father] and Toni [Rab’s girlfriend], but what could I do? If I went to the police my son would be in trouble.”

Alesha MacPhail pictured the day before her brutal murder at her friend’s birthday party
The little girl was snatched from her bed and killed
The little girl was snatched from her bed and killed
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Alesha MacPhail was found dead in woodland in July last year on the Isle of Bute, Scotland
Alesha was found dead in woodland in July last year
Her mum was surrounded by cops outside Glasgow High Court
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Georgina watched as her daughter’s killer was sentenced[/caption]

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Alesha’s dad Robert and girlfriend Toni McLachlan outside the High Court in Glasgow[/caption]


Judge Lord Matthews said the killer had shown no remorse[/caption]

The knife used to abduct the little girl
The knife used to abduct the little girl

Andy Barr – The Sun Glasgow

Alesha was snatched from her bed inside a house on the island[/caption]

Andy Barr – The Sun Glasgow

Her body was later found on the grounds of a former hotel[/caption]


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