Britain’s Got Talent comedian Barbara Nice has the judges in stitches – but has Simon Cowell met her before and what is her day job?


BRITAIN’S Got Talent’s judges were left in stitches after comedian pensioner Barbara Nice took to the stage.

But has Simon Cowell met her before, how old is she and what is her day job? Here’s the lowdown…

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Barbara’s witty one-liners were the foundation of her hilarious audition[/caption]

Has Simon Cowell met her before?

Just before Barbara was about to start performing, Simon was convinced he’d met her before and asked her whether she’s appeared on the show previously.

However Barbara said that this was her first time, which prompted her to compliment Simon’s super-white teeth as an ice-breaker.

What is her day job?

Barbara told the judges that she loves making people laugh all over the country with her witty comedic skills.

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Barbara had all four judges in stitches during her comedic act[/caption]

What did her audition entail?

Barbara’s witty one-liners were the foundation of her hilarious audition.

At the beginning of her act, she said: “I’m gonna put my bag for life down, I’ve got about 49 bags for live, I should never die…

“But who wants to live forever? Not me, I’ve got no proper pension.”

After a number of funny acts, she jokes about her dress, saying: “Forget DKNY, this frock was CPL, Cats Protection League.”

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The hilarious pensioner crowd-surfed a group of men she ‘met in the queue’ at the end of her act[/caption]

Towards the end of her act,  she asked for a group of men in the crowd who she “met in the queue” to come forward stand at just below the front of the stage.

She then explained she would be stage diving for the final part of her act.

Once she did so, the group of men helped her get down to the edge of the stage.

When it was time to get back onto the stage to hear he judges response to her performance, she said:  “Can I get my glasses? I might not be able to hear what you’re saying.”



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