Britain is set to purchase a pair of Special Forces ‘motherships’ to storm enemy beaches


BRITAIN will buy a pair of ‘lethal’ new Special Forces “motherships” to storm enemy beaches, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson will today announce.

The move would be a massive expansion for the Royal Navy’s beach assault force – making it one of the most powerful in the world.


The Defence Sec aims to replicate a US Govt project, which has already seen the launch of a converted commercial tanker, the USS Lewis B Puller[/caption]

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Mr Williamson will say the new multi-role vessels will take on tasks from crisis support to war-fighting[/caption]


Under bold plans the Royal Navy will purchase commercial tankers and convert them to carry out Special Forces missions on land – or major assaults by Royal Marine Commandos.

The strike ships – armed with helicopters, drones and fast boats – will loiter off coasts ready to launch troops and war gear on enemy beaches. They will cost millions.

It signals a radical re-think of the way the Royal Navy will attack the land from sea, insiders confirmed.

The ships will not operate alone either. They will form two separate “strike groups” along with escorts vessels, support ships and choppers.

Williamson will announce the plans in a landmark speech today at think tank RUSI, saying: “These globally deployable, multi-role vessels would be able to conduct a wide range of operations, from crisis support to war-fighting.

“One would be based to the East of Suez in the Indo-Pacific, and, one based to the West of Suez in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic.

“And, if we ever need them to, our two aircraft carriers, our amphibious assault ships Albion and Bulwark, and our Bay Class landing ships – will give us a sovereign, lethal, amphibious force.

“This will be one of the largest and best in the world.

“And, we will support our Future Commando Force.

“Our world-renowned Royal Marines will be forward deployed, at exceptionally high readiness and able to respond at a moment’s notice bringing the fight from sea to land.”



Converting commercial cargo tankers is cheaper than more efficient than designing and building new warships with original designs.

The ships will carry elite commandoes from the Special Boat Service – sister unit to the SAS, insiders said.

Meanwhile the large deck will allow troop carrying choppers and Apache attack helicopters while drones can also be launched on missions.

Fast boats for “special operations” missions could also be launched from the new vessels.

And it will be allow different equipment – including artillery – to be loaded on or off the ship depending on the mission just like cargo.

A Special Forces source, said: “These ships will be Special Forces heavy, allowing the freedom and firepower to strike hard and fast.


“They will have everything, choppers, boats, drones, they will be the mothership for naval Special Forces operations.”Insiders insisted it will not mean the early retirement of amphibious assault HMS Albion or HMS Bulwark which currently delivers Royal Marines onshore by sea and air.

The idea of converting commercial tankers has already been used by the US which has launched the USS Lewis B Puller and more secretive Ocean Trader.

It will enable a new type of beach warfare far from the scenes of D Day when troops stormed the coast in small, slow landing crafts which can be easily targeted.

Instead ship-based artillery will be used to pummel beaches, while drones operated from on board will conduct surveillance and surgical strikes.

Then elite Commandoes will storm beaches in choppers for lightening raids or covert missions.

But while the tactics will chance the objective will not – to seize enemy beaches to create an opening for a land invasion.

They could also be used to hit an enemy naval base – including conventional ports – or terror and pirate camps.


While Williamson confirmed the move, there was no decision yet on how much the ships would cost, who would build or modify them, or where they would be based in the UK.

Last summer Williamson was ridiculed for suggesting buying old ferries to perform the task.

But the idea has been refined, sources said, into its present form.

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The new vessels will hugely upgrade the amphibious assault vessels currently used by British forces[/caption]

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Converting a standard commercial tanker is said to be far less expensive than designing and building a vessel from scratch[/caption]


Mr Williamson will say that, Britain’s two aircraft carriers, along with the new vessels, add to ‘a sovereign, lethal, amphibious force’[/caption]


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