Britain is betrayed in yet another farcical Brexit stalemate — and customs union plan is a shameful sellout by MPs


ANOTHER farcical Commons stalemate. But at last ­Labour has picked a side: It chose Remainers — and threw its Leave voters under the Brexit bus.

They wanted immigration control: Corbyn says No. They wanted freedom from EU courts: Corbyn says No.

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Jeremy Corbyn has thrown Labour MPs who voted leave under the bus by demanding they vote for a Common Market 2.0[/caption]

They wanted to stop paying Brussels billions: Corbyn says No. They wanted control over our economic future: Corbyn says No. They wanted MPs to respect the referendum: Corbyn says No.

In fact, he now wants a second vote.

Labour finally turned against Brexit by backing the deviously mistitled “Common Market 2.0”. It is tempting to think some MPs supported it, and the permanent customs union, as an April Fool. But it was mainly cynical calculation, or in some cases rank stupidity.

Labour just wants to wreck the Tories.

Other dim MPs considered these positions “compromises”. More cunning Remainers suspect either is a route back to EU membership. In fact they would trigger a clamour to do Brexit properly.

“Common Market 2.0” effectively means staying in the EU without any say.


Permanent customs union robs the world’s fifth largest economy of an independent trading future.

Take back control? We’d have permanently surrendered the control we have.

The Tory ERG can threaten to collapse their own Government over Theresa May’s deal, sacrificing their jobs, becoming Brexit martyrs. But the alternative futures are now much worse.

And while MPs haven’t yet given ANY plan the nod, their shameful sellout of Brexit and our future is inching closer.



Leave would win a second referendum in a fair fight. Which is why it won’t be fair.

The rich Remainer establishment will stitch it up from start to finish.

A second referendum would be unfair as Remainers would stitch it up

First they will prevent Vote Leave, the 2016 winning team, running the Brexit campaign. Why else has the Remainer-stuffed Electoral Commission been so disproportionately harsh on them?

The vote will then be Remain vs a “soft Brexit”, or Theresa May’s deal, both loathed by many Leavers. No Deal? Not on the ballot. And, of course, they will all solemnly vow to honour THIS result.

Which they will then do… as long as it’s a “confirmatory” vote to Remain.


Channel 4’s Jon Snow claims not to recall shouting “f*** the Tories”. But everyone heard him sneer at Brexit voters.

He told his viewers he’d “never seen so many white people” at their demo. Did he not see the “people’s vote” jamboree?

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Channel 4’s Jon Snow apologised for his ‘unscripted’ remarks at the Brexit protest[/caption]

Channel 4 must, by law, be politically impartial. Yet its main news presenter is so overflowing with leftie, Brexit-hating “woke” self-righteousness he cannot help it spewing out on live TV.

Pension off this 71-year-old teenager.




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