Britain battered by raging 65mph gales as trees uprooted, roofs ripped up and scaffolding torn down


BRITAIN is battered by raging 65mph gales today after trees were seen falling through roofs, and scaffolding being torn down as a result of the strong gusts.

Severe gusts are expected to hit southern England today and may cause some travel disruption.

Raging winds battered Blackpool’s coastline this morning

Wales News Service

Waves were sent flying as 65mph gusts tormented Wales’ waters this morning[/caption]

A photographer was nearly swept out to sea while trying to take a picture of today’s weather conditions was badly injured when a sign was blown off a building hit him on the head.

The man was sent flying after 70mph winds swept him off his feet in Gorleston, Norfolk.

Ambulance crews arrived and gave him first-aid on the spot before wrapping him in a foil blanket and taking him to hospital.

It will feel colder across the whole country as Arctic air blasts in, sending temperatures tumbling to meagre highs of just 11C.

Tuesday will be cold and rainy with severe gales on coastal areas and high grounds with speeds up to 75mph with Northern Ireland and the Republic the worst affected.

Those gale force winds and rain will continue as they move across England and Wales affecting most parts on Wednesday.

Parts of London have also today seen some rain and hail.

Met Office has also issued a yellow weather warning for Northern Ireland  to the gales which then covers most of England as well.


Once again gale force winds are expected with speeds of up to 75mph on coastal areas as well as the hills and high ground.

Yorkshire and the Midlands have been hit with heavy snow this morning, while the Queen’s Norfolk estate at Sandringham was hit by a power cut as the wind sent trees crashing across high-voltage cables.

A jet stream from the Atlantic is driving the wintry weather causing problems for thousands.

While northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will get snow and ice across many parts, southern Wales and England will get blasted by strong winds.

In the South, there will be delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport, and bus and train journeys could take longer.

Devon and Cornwall Police tweeted: “Police receiving exceptional number of calls from right across Devon and Cornwall re fallen trees across roads this morning due to the high winds. Please reduce speed and be vigilant when driving.”

In Southampton, pensioners John and Joan Goodeyhad a tree fall through their roof after strong wind gusts brought it down.

The tree managed to take down some of their back garden’s fence, as well as smash a window.

The Met Office also warns of short-term power loss and for coastal areas to be affected by spray and large waves.

Elsewhere will be hit with snow and ice and the Met Office warns of travelling on icy roads and of injuries from slipping.

Met Office forecaster Jon Snow told Sun Online: “Temperatures may not reach higher than 10C in the south, and it will feel particularly cold in the north.”

In addition to snow, winds are due to pick up on Monday night as well, mainly around Northern Ireland and western Scotland with speeds mostly around 40-50mph at their peak

Solent News

A tree has fallen through the roof of pensioner John Goodey’s house in Southampton[/caption]

Solent News

The tree smashed through the pensioners’ fence in their back garden due to the strong gusts[/caption]

Wales News Service

Waves crash against the harbour wall as workers perform work on sea defences during a storm at Porthcawl, Wales[/caption]

Solent News

Their windows smashed after the tree fell in strong 60mph wind gusts[/caption]

Blackpool’s coastline was battered by severe gusts of wind today


Scotland’s roads are all covered with snow, Traffic Scotland issues a warning on Twitter until 9pm tonight[/caption]

Wales News Service

Wales saw some raging winds this morning[/caption]



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