Brit family detained in Syria claim they joined ISIS by accident while on holiday and beg to come home


A BRITISH family detained in Syria have begged to be allowed to come home, saying they joined ISIS by accident.

The family from Didsbury, Manchester left the UK in 2014 and were initially interviewed by Channel 4 last month but their identities have now been revealed by The Daily Telegraph.

The British family originally appeared on Channel 4 News

Mum Safiya Zaynab, 51, and daughters Shabina Aslam, 29, and Alireza Sabar, 17, say they miss their independence.

Both daughters had children while they were living within the caliphate.

Aslam told Channel 4: “I don’t regret anything because we came on holiday, which then turned into this.

“I don’t know how, it’s never been explained to me.”

She added: “We all miss our life before, we miss freedom, independence, no fear.

“We want to go back to England, back to my family, I want my children to have a normal life.”

Zaynab’s husband, Sabar Aslam, who is still living in Didsbury, told the paper: “They left me four years ago and that’s the end of the story. She wasn’t happy with me.

I don’t regret anything because we came on holiday, which then turned into this

Shabina Aslam speaking to C4 News

“They are not brave people they are very soft people. I don’t think they would be joining something like ISIS.”

“The police have interviewed me many times. They asked me questions about them but they never said they were in Syria.

“I thought she had gone to Saudi Arabia as all the time Safiya was talking about it. I thought she went there.”

The family’s situation has come to light after heavily pregnant Shamima Begum, now 19, said that while she didn’t regret her decision to join ISIS four years ago she wanted to be allowed back into Britain so she can have her third baby.

Begum ran away to join the brutal Islamic extremist regime with two young pals from Bethnal Green in 2015.

Begum told the Times: “I know what everyone at home thinks of me as I have read all that was written about me online. But I just want to come home to have my child.

“I’ll do anything required just to be able to come home and live quietly with my child.”

Shamima Begum is heavily pregnant and due to give birth ‘any day’
Anthony Loyd / The Times / News Licensing
The family says they were tricked into joining ISIS
Getty – Contributor
Shabina Aslam said they wanted to be able to enjoy a ‘normal’ life
Getty – Contributor

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