Bridesmaids reveal the worst requests they’ve had from bridezillas – from being forced to dye their hair to being ditched because they couldn’t afford new shoes


WE all known a blushing bride-to-be that’s got her wedding planned to perfection, and while we can forgive them for being a bit demanding before their big day, some just take it one step too far.

Writing anonymously on confessions app Whisper, bridesmaids from around the world have been revealing the worst experiences they’ve had with bridezillas.

Bridesmaids took to anonymous confession app Whisper to share their wedding nightmares

From being ditched from bridesmaid duties for being unable to afford new shoes at the dress fitting, to being dictated to about hair and makeup – the women from the bridal party had a lot to say.

One woman revealed that her friend demanded all her bridesmaids get spray tans and chemically straighten their hair, or risked being left out of the pictures.

And another insisted on having their hair trial done, despite the bridesmaid being admitted to a mental health unit that morning when all the wedding stress hit boiling point.

Here, the Sun Online looks at some of the biggest divas in the wedding world.

From being sacked from the wedding over shoes to forking out hundreds of pounds, they revealed their horror stories

Dyeing for a ‘natural’ colour

This bridesmaid may be the sister of the bride, but that hasn’t stopped her from having to abide to the very strict rules.

The natural red-head wrote on Whisper: “My sister wants me to dye my hair because she doesn’t feel it looks natural enough.

“Obviously I’m going to do it, it’s her wedding, but I’m salty about it.”

This woman’s sister wanted her to dye her natural red hair… red

Sacked over shoes

Many bride’s will agree it’s important to have your bridal party looking perfect on your wedding day, but when it comes to the dress fitting, it’s not a big deal.

But for one bride it was – sacking off one of her bridesmaids who could not afford to buy the shoes she’d specially picked.

The anonymous woman wrote: “Rather than let me borrow another maids shoes for the fitting and buy mine when I could afford me, she sacked me. I will not do this when I get married.”

When this bridesmaid didn’t buy the right shoes, she was sacked from the wedding

Visit to the hair-stresser

“I ended up being in the mental health unit two weeks before the wedding,” one woman writes, admitting it was down to her to do the bride’s hair.

But being ill and unable to cope with the wedding stress didn’t stop this bride from demanding the impossible from her friend.

They added: “On the day I got in [to the hospital] the bride called and wanted me to do a rehearsal hair do…”

One bridesmaid in charge of hair was still being bossed about from hospital

All dressed up with nowhere to go

It can be annoying to fork out for a dress you don’t really want, especially if you don’t even end up wearing it.

“The bride wanted all of us to buy $200 dresses,” one bridesmaid confessed. “They were nice, but when she cancelled the wedding…

“We had to pay either $100 to receive the dress or lose our $100 deposit. Complete b*****.”

When the wedding didn’t go ahead, bridesmaids were expected to either pay for their dress or lose their deposit

No bed of roses

When you picture flower girls you might think puffy dresses, cute pumps and a flower crown. It’s unlikely five-inch heels will crop up.

But not for this flower girl who wrote: “I was the flower girl for my aunt’s wedding, I was 9 – she made me wear 5 inch heels.

“She then argued with my mum about my earrings because she wanted me to wear a pair that hurt my ears.”

This flower girl was expected to wear high heels and heavy earrings

Breaking the bank (and friendships)

A woman wrote: “She wanted me to buy a $240 dress, non-returnable, and pay $235 for hair and makeup.”

Despite fighting with the bride and not talking for a while after, the bridesmaid ended up paying the colossal fee.

“I was broke that entire year because I had to buy more stuff,” she added.

After fighting with the bride over the price of dresses, hair and makeup, she caved in and paid

Last minute adjustments

Brides often get upset when the wedding day doesn’t go their way, but helpful bridesmaids like this one also get angry when it goes wrong.

“Helped sew the wedding dress,” said a bridesmaid. “Night before the wedding, she changed her mind from halter to shoulder straps.

“Decided last minute not to wear a corset so the whole thing looked like s***.”

One bridesmaid wasn’t very happy that despite all her effort, things didn’t quite go to plan

Flipped their wig

What bride doesn’t want to stand out on their wedding day? This bride takes it one step further by preventing her bridesmaids from flaunting a weave.

“She wanted me to put a [chemical] relaxed on my hair because she hated my natural hair,” a woman wrote to Whisper.

“I was going to get a weave, but she wanted to be the only one with a weave. I ended up not going.”

This bride stopped her bridesmaids from displaying their natural hair, so this woman didn’t go

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