Bride slammed for forcing maid of honour to wear an ‘unflattering’ dress which makes her look like a ‘stuffed sausage’


AS the iconic rom-com 27 Dresses taught us – no matter how much you may hate the bridesmaid dress your best friend has picked out, you simply have to grin and bear it.

But despite this cardinal wedding rule, one maid of honour has been left mortified by her friend’s bridesmaid dress which she claims makes her look like a “stuffed sausage”.

The anonymous woman says the ‘unflattering’ frilly frock makes her feel ‘fat and ugly’

Posting a photo of the unflattering blue linen dress on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, the horrified woman wrote: “I ordered the largest size they had and it looks God awful.”

Describing how the frilly frock had left her “on the verge of tears”, the woman also said it made her feel “fat and ugly” as well as being totally see-through.

She added: “The other bridesmaid is a twig and looks adorable in it. I sent the bride a pic of me in it and she said it looks fine.”

Disappointed with this lacklustre response, the tearful woman concluded: “I’m just so upset about walking down the aisle and being in all her photos looking like a stuffed sausage.”

Some users believe the bride has purposefully picked an unflattering dress

The anonymous woman’s post has racked up over 1,000 comments from users who have urged her to “boycott the wedding” in protest.

Questioning whether the bride had purposefully chosen an unflattering design, one user responded: “You know, some friends are b**** like that. It’s like they enjoy having their friends not look as good as them.”

Insisting that the bride should allow her friends to choose their own dress, the woman added: “If she was a good friend and she loves you, she will understand and be fine with a different dress in the same colour.”

However, other less sympathetic users reminded the maid of honour that ‘it’s not about you’

Another added: “The dress is absolutely horrendous and does nothing for your figure.

“Your friend is kinda b**** for calling it fine but ultimately, it’s not about you.”

Meanwhile, a third suggested getting “hair and makeup done” and a “great pair of shoes” to tone down the “Amish” look of the dress.

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