Brexit vote latest: Theresa May urged by her MPs to call ELECTION if her Brexit deal gets defeated again tonight


THERESA May is being urged by her own MPs to call an ELECTION if her Brexit deal gets defeated again tonight.

Her argreement now appears doomed after bombshell legal advice revealed we could still be trapped in the hated Northern Ireland backstop forever.

Theresa May faces an uphill battle to get her deal passes today in the Commons

Tory MP and vice-chair of the 1922 committee, Charles Walker, told the BBC this lunchtime: “If it [Brexit deal] doesn’t go through tonight, as sure as night follows day, there will be a general election within a matter of days or weeks.

“It is not sustainable, the current situation in Parliament.”

MPs on all sides of the Tory party came out this afternoon to say they can’t back her deal as it would tie us to the EU and not deliver a proper Brexit.

Analysis from the Government’s lawyer says that there was a “reduced risk” we will get stuck in the backstop but there’s still a chance that we could be if talks break down after we leave the EU.

The advice is a huge blow to Mrs May on the day MPs will vote on her deal for the second time, and seems unlikely she will win over Tory MPs.

Last night she did a last minute dash to Strasbourg for emergency talks with the EU.




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