Brexit news: Secret name for flights in the air at time of UK's Brexit departure revealed


Brexit terms and conditions for the UK’s departure from the European Union have not yet been set. Despite the uncertainty, a secret name used by travel experts for the political separation – whether in deal or no deal format – has come to light. Prime Minister Theresa May will hold a meaningful vote on her proposed Brexit divorce deal in March, weeks before the UK is set to break away from the EU. With plans not in place for this speculation is rife as to the impact, particularly of a no deal Brexit, on the travel sector.

Airlines including Ryanair have suggested they will implement a Brexit Travel Clause for flights scheduled for this summer which, in the event of a no deal, may not happen.

Yet what for those flights departing from, and arriving into, the UK on the exact Brexit date of March 29?

Paloma Salmeron, air passenger rights expert at AirHelp, told these particular routes had been granted a fairytale name – despite their less than enchanting situation.

She said: “In the event of a no deal Brexit, air passengers travelling on the evening of the March 29 could be among the first to find themselves subjected to chaos caused by political upheaval.

“Cinderella flights is the name given to flights scheduled to take off on March 29th when the UK is still part of Europe and be in the air at midnight when the UK has left.

“If there is to be any problem with the aviation regulations, these flights will be the first to know of it.”

She added: “We urge all air passengers travelling into or out of the UK during and post-Brexit to keep in mind that it’s best to educate themselves on passenger rights before they travel, so that in the event their flight is delayed or cancelled, they are fully aware of their options.”

Meanwhile, finance experts have also advised Britons to plan ahead before the Brexit date.

Yet they issued some comfort, insisting measures to protect themselves and their holidays against the negative impact of a no deal Brexit could be put in place now.

When asked whether it was possible for travellers to get some security in the troubled political times, Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of currency expert, FairFX, said: “Yes.

“The best way to protect yourself against the impact of Brexit is to plan ahead when it comes to holiday money, and lock in rates when the pound is performing well.

“With the current uncertainty surrounding exchange rates, it’s very easy for the rates to move against you and no-one knows definitively which way they’re heading.”

He added: “Whenever there is a parliamentary vote or update on the UK’s negotiations with the EU, we see a spike in support requests as customers try to understand what the latest developments mean for the value of the pound.

“There’s been a significant increase in the number of queries from new and existing customers about the impact of Brexit and what it means for their business and personal international payments as well as their travel money.”

Ian added: “Brexit is an unprecedented event so it’s no wonder there is heightened anxiety around the consequences it may or not have.”


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