Brexit LIVE: David Frost urged to WITHHOLD UK repayments 'Sovereignty above all else!'


    David Frost, who heads the UK’s Brexit negotiations, is currently in protracted talks with the EU’s chief sherpa Michel Barnier as the two sides attempt to thrash out a free trade agreement by October. So far the two sides have yet to break the deadlock which has existed for several months – but Mr Frost has been praised for placing the UK’s sovereignty in high regard.

    Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, said it was vital Mr Frost continues to champion UK sovereignty in the talks, as the issue was fundamental to many Brexit voters.

    The Brexiteer highlights this in a recent comment piece, where he points out most people who voted to leave the EU did so to return sovereignty to the UK.

    The Tory MP said a poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft on the day of the 2016 EU referendum found nearly half of leave voters said the biggest single reason for wanting to leave the EU was the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK.

    The survey found only a third said the main reason was to regain control over immigration and its own borders.

    When discussing the current trade talks, Sir Iain wrote: “Importantly, David Frost, Boris’s chief negotiator made it clear he agreed when he wrote that in the negotiations, the UK places sovereignty above all else.

    “It is in that context that the issue of how these outstanding payments to the EU impinge on the UK’s sovereignty which matter now.”

    The Brexiteer urges Mr Frost to walk away from the talks if the UK’s sovereignty risks being impinged.

    He said: “The WA was always work in progress as at the end of this year, the UK has a right to a comprehensive agreement, one which treats the UK as a sovereign partner.

    “A failure to observe this must lead to a rejection of the WA.”



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