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Brexit fishing TRIUMPH: UK fishing industry to thrive as EU's resistance dismissed


Marine ecology lecturer Bryce Stewart from the University of York insisted the UK fishing industry could thrive after Brexit. While speaking to CGTN, Mr Stewart claimed the UK could increase its fishing quotas and see significant profits. He also addressed the growing frustration from France, Spain and Portuguese fishermen and what impact this would have on the UK.

Mr Stewart noted the EU will be unhappy with whatever fishing deal is agreed as it is unlikely to be as good as the one they currently have.

Mr Stewart said: “The hope is that Britain will be able to increase its share of quotas, so basically the share of certain species it is allowed to catch.

“That will be very profitable for the British fishing industry.

“Some people have said it might be able to double the amount of quota it currently catches.

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“I think it is unlikely but it is certainly what motivated the big push from the fishing industry towards Brexit in the first place.”

The CGTN host questioned what impact would the European member states have on the UK if they remain unhappy with the fishing agreement.

Mr Stewart replied: “The European position from the individual countries and the commission and the chief negotiator Michel Barnier has been that they do not want to change things at all.

“At the moment the European nations have a pretty good deal.”

The UK has also been warned of the fishing skirmishes between UK fishermen and French fishermen regardless of what fishing deal is agreed. 

Political expert and professor Liam Campling warned the UK could have “cod wars” with European nations over fishing rights post-Brexit. 

He argued if a satisfactory deal was not met there could be significant diplomatic incidents that follow between the UK and other countries.


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