Breakfast at Tiffany's script sells for UNBELIEVABLE six-figure price


    Breakfast at Tiffany’s was an incredible film that introduced many people to the delightful Audrey Hepburn. While the young star shined in this epic relationship and comedy drama, film fans all over the world have continued to discover just how special the film as a whole is.

    Now, the manuscript for the original film has been sold at auction.

    The script, which was originally written by Truman Capote, detailed a huge amount of edits that it had gone through throughout its journey to the big screen.

    According to the Belfast Telegraph, the script was covered in a number of notes by the writer.

    Included in this version of the script was the original name of Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly.

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    In the first draft of the script Holly’s name was Connie Gustafson.

    This is of course a huge departure from what fans know the character as, and would surely agree the film would not be the same without such an iconic name.

    The script was sold at auction and was estimated to be sold for between £120,000 and £180,000.

    However the script actually more than doubled the pre-sale estimate, leaving its former owners very happy.

    “Whilst Connie Gustafson may be more plausible as a child bride from Tulip, Texas, she would never have had the impact on the world that she has had as Holly Golightly.

    “Undoubtedly one of the great names of modern comedy, it is as magnificently implausible as its owner and connects to her character in a number of ways.

    “‘Golightly’ reflects the lightness with which she treats the world, her lack of attachment to place, and perhaps hints at promiscuity.”

    “Whilst ‘Holly’ will prickle if you get too close,” he added.

    The script also detailed a change in vernacular in a number of small details, including changing words like “mad” and “touch” to “vexed” and “stroke” respectively.

    What isn’t included in this script is the reveal that, before Hepburn took the role, Marilyn Monroe was considered for it.

    Unfortunately for Monroe fans, she turned down the iconic role.

    However fans may not be too upset, as Hepburn’s performance certainly added to the glamour of the flick.


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