Brazilian education minister to revise school textbooks to deny 1964 military coup


School textbooks in Brazil will be rewritten after its education minister denied a 1964 military coup, prompting accusations of historical revisionism.

Ricardo Vélez Rodriguéz told the Valor Económico magazine that “there will be progressive changes [in textbooks] to the extent that a wider version of history is rescued.”

The announcement comes days after a judge in Brazil barred far-Right president Jair Bolsonaro from publicly celebrating the anniversary of the 1964 coup that ousted the democratically elected government of João Goulart.

The education minister described the following 21 years of military rule in Brazil as “a democratic regime by force”, and said that students should be taught a “true and real” version of events.

He added: “Brazilian history shows that what occurred on March 31, 1964 was a sovereign decision of the Brazilian society”.


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