Bradley Walsh’s Late Night Guestlist audience screams with joy as Piers Morgan vows to leave the country over embarrassing Celebrity Chase appearance


PIERS Morgan received a dose of reality tonight when the audience of Bradley Walsh’s Late Night Guestlist screamed with joy when he announced plans to leave the country.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was admitting he was going to have to flee the country after embarrassing himself on an upcoming episode of The Celebrity Chase.

Piers wasn’t happy with the audience’s reaction

But while he thought viewers would be devastated to lose him, they cheered wildly instead, putting him in his place.

“Hopefully you’re going to have a nice time tonight because you came on the celebrity version of The Chase,” said Bradley.

“Yes I did and I had a terrible time,” replied Piers in horror.

He added: “I’ve got to tell you, I actually think Celebrity Chase produced for me the single most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had on live television.

He embarrassed himself on the Celebrity Chase and has decided to leave the country
The news delighted the audience

“The only good news is that it doesn’t air for months so I’ve got enough time to plan my escape from the country because when people see just…”

But as he tried to finish his sentence there was an outpouring of cheers from the audience, delighted at the prospect of seeing the back of the controversial television personality.

Holly Willoughby, who was also a guest on the show, then chimed in to tell him: “Now that’s what they agree with.”

Viewers at home were less complimentary than the frosty audience, complaining that Piers’ presence had “ruined” the show.


One wrote: “I love Bradley but Christ, piers Morgan, NO #bradleysguestlist #🤮

A second said: “I thought this was looking a bit naff, even with great talent like Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby, then I saw Piers Morgan’s mug and switched off. #bradleysguestlist”

Another added: “Sorry #bradleysguestlist as much as I love Bradley Walsh I cannot stand Piers Morgan so I won’t be watching. Wrong choice of people to have on Bradders show.”

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